30 Day Squat Workout

by Melissa

It’s that time of year. You know the one.. Where we are looking to get beach ready. Bahaha… Lets face it, this body isn’t getting bikini ready. Ever! That is just not my thing but that isn’t to say that I don’t want to tighten and tone. That is what this 30 Day Squat Workout is suppose to do, tighten and tone the jiggly. Because the teeny weeny bikini’s don’t cover the jiggly.

The 30 day squat workout is a simple setup to tone up your butt, your legs and your core muscles. Get started today!

What do squats do?

  • Builds Muscle!

Squats can help build muscle in your entire body. Which means you can improve your upper and lower body strength. Okay… So you still ask what does that even mean? It means you promote good mobility and balance. Your body can do things easier, you know like just the basic bending and reaching in everyday life.

  • Burns Fat!

Did you know that by gaining muscle you can burn more calories? I’m in!!

  • Tones, Tones, Tones!

The squat works so many muscles. Probably one of the best exercises to work a lot of muscles at once. So that simple little squat (okay not so simple after a few of them) can help tighten your abs, legs and of course the butt. Which is probably why we all look into squats right? We want to sculpt our butt or at least make it a little less… I will say it again… jiggly. <—- Right?

So if you have been looking for the best 30 day squat challenge, look no further. This 30 day squat workout is just what you have been looking for.



How many squats should I do?

I will make it easier for you… Here is a easy 30 day squat workout to get you in a routine, nice and slowly. Remember if you are new to squats you don’t have to do the exact amount listed. Do what you feel comfortable with and try to up it the next day. So on and so forth!

Before you get started… Check out this little video on the proper squat techniques from Athlean-X.


30 Day Squat Workout

The 30 day squat workout is a simple setup to tone up your butt, your legs and your core muscles. Get started today!

Day 1: 10 squats

Day 2: 20 squats

Day 3: 30 squats

Day 4: REST

Day 5: 40 squats

Day 6: 50 squats

Day 7: 60 squats

Day 8: REST

Day 9: 70 squats

Day 10: 80 squats

Day 11: 90 squats

Day 12: REST

Day 13: 100 squats

Day 14: 110 squats

Day 15: 120 squats

Day 16: REST

Day 17: 130 squats

Day 18: 140 squats

Day 19: 150 squats

Day 20: REST

Day 21: 160 squats

Day 22: 170 squats

Day 23: 180 squats

Day 24: REST

Day 25: 190 squats

Day 26: 200 squats

Day 27: 210 squats

Day 28: REST

Day 29: 220 squats

Day 30: 230 squats


Good luck with your squats and be sure to come back and let me know your 30 day squat challenge results!

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