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4 Behind the scenes moments of finishing a DIY Project! #Bendtherules

A #bendtherules moment, created in partnership with HP. All opinions are my own.

Wow!! February is the shortest month out of all 12 but I felt like it was the longest month. I think that probably had a lot to do with my regular schedule being off kilter for 2 weeks because of all this snow we got. Plus school being out for nearly 2 full weeks straight. Needless to say, I had some time to start on a new woodworking project. My favorite of all DIY projects of course. While I was deep into building our new farmhouse table I thought I would take a few shots, #bendtherules and share a few behind the scenes of how we get projects done start to finish.

Getting a DIY project done from start to finish.

When we are building woodworking projects, especially large ones that require power tools and lots of time, we have 4 main behind the scene moments that happen.  They are figuring out what to build, build it, entertain our daughter while building and then ultimately back here to put it down on the blog.What I love even more is that the HP x360 can take me through all 4 of the behind the scenes steps without fail. Why? Because the HP x360 has 4 modes that are perfect for each step of getting started to finishing up.

When we are deciding on a new woodworking project I spend tons of time on different sites just getting ideas on what I want to build. I love that the HP x360 has the tablet mode because it makes browsing and hunting for those plans on the go, super easy. I can have it in my living room and searching project plans while watching tv with the family or I can bring it outside and have the instructions right at our disposal. That almost makes the tablet mode my favorite of all 4, almost.

Get creative and bend the rules with HP's x360 4 in 1 laptop.

In this project we were working on our new farmhouse table. In the picture above you can see I was hard at work (you know, such hard work, ha) searching for all the best ideas on how to do the legs, stain, etc. Once we got all the design ideas down we were ready to get started on the project. We have a 7 year old daughter and working with power tools and hyper 7 year olds just doesn’t work out. Which means now we have to come up with a way to keep her entertained while we are chopping and hammering away. Never fear, that is what the tent mode is for, hello movie watching to the rescue. I said that tablet mode was almost my favorite but I’m thinking tent mode is probably my most favorite of all. Vampire Diaries binge watching anyone?

Get creative and bend the rules with HP's x360 4 in 1 laptop.

My daughter would definitely say no on the Vampire Diaries but instead we just hooked her up with a few ways she can watch her own favorite cartoons. She loves My Little Pony so needless to say she was entertained for awhile. It took a few days to finish this project so she also discovered that the stand mode was perfect for playing games.

Get creative and bend the rules with HP's x360 4 in 1 laptop.

We finally got the project done and guess what comes next. Yep, blogging about it. It is quite funny. Everything we do most days is “let me get my blog picture first.” My daughter and husband have come to expect that if we are having a out of the ordinary meal it means that I will be taking pictures before we can set down and eat. They are pretty good sports about it.

This brings me to the last mode of the HP x360, the laptop mode. So very convenient for me to get my blogging done anywhere I need to get it done. Whether that means I have it at my desk or packing it with me during car pick up for my daughter’s school, which is an hour wait every school day. Yep!

Get creative and bend the rules with HP's x360 4 in 1 laptop.

The HP X360 makes everything convenient and easy when it comes to the behind the scenes of DIY building and blogging. It bends the rules of technology and because of this HP has partnered with Meghan Trainor to document her first-ever tour with “All About That Tour.” It’s a six episode documentary of the tour and in each episode you will get a glimpse of Meghan’s behind the scenes.

Get creative and bend the rules with HP's x360 4 in 1 laptop.

If you have loved reading about the behind the scenes of blogging a DIY project then maybe you would like to see the finished results. Come back later in the week and check out the finished project of our new farmhouse table. I love it and I love this HP x360. My old laptop was on the fritz so I am super excited to be mobile again with my blogging.

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Amy Desrosiers

Thursday 5th of March 2015

I love technology that makes my life easier. This looks like a device that would work well for my needs.


Thursday 5th of March 2015

I love how versatile it is. I'm also really jealous of your woodworking skills

Kristin Lesney

Thursday 5th of March 2015

Tech is so great because it makes doing things so much easier. My husband and I were talking and discussed how people can build awesome things with the help of the internet!


Thursday 5th of March 2015

It looks like a great laptop/tablet/computer. It looks like to can do it all.


Wednesday 4th of March 2015

This seems like the perfect tech product. I love how small it is and that it works so seamlessly. Thanks for sharing.