Cut the Clutter: Easy & Simple Tips to Declutter Problem Areas

by Melissa

Cut the Clutter: Easy & simple tips to declutter problem areas

The holidays are literally right around the corner. Thanksgiving is next week!! Traditionally lots of us here in the United States decorate for Christmas on the day after or weekend after Thanksgiving which means the clutter that is piling up in your home has got to go, like yesterday. 😉

Don’t think you are alone though, all homes have a tendency to accumulate “junk”. I say “junk” because it may not be something bad or broken it just may have no benefit or place in your life other than bad energy. It could be another persons treasure but if it’s cluttering your home it’s time to say adios. Believe it or not, clutter drains energy from you. The holidays were mentioned back in our stress Tip Tuesday and the last thing we need on top of something stress inducing is bad energy clutter.

Here are some easy and simple tips to declutter those problem areas.

  • If you haven’t used it or seen it in a year give it away! Don’t let the “oh I might use it for this one day” thought even go there, just let it go.

  • Make areas more functional! Make use of that empty space under your bed or vertical space in your kitchen cabinets.

  • Choose the right containers! The right storage solutions can be half the battle. Uniform storage is also stylish and just makes you happy to look at.

  • Group items! Don’t store everything all over the house. Find certain places for products in your home and store like items together. I love to stockpile a few items but if it can’t fit in it’s appropriate home then I don’t need anymore.

  • Purge often! Be constantly on the lookout for items that create clutter in your home.

  • Set times to clean weekly! I clean my fridge and cabinets out on Sunday which is the day before trash day. It gets rid of any leftovers/expired/or empty boxes and they go straight to the trash bin.

  • Everything has a home! If you have items that constantly float around your house then it’s likely they aren’t the most loved items. Think about what they mean to you and if you don’t cherish them, let them go.

What is the worst cluttered spot in your home?

Our worst cluttered spot is our kitchen cart. It is the drop off spot for mail, hubby’s pocket junk, and other various random things.



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Jasmine November 13, 2012 - 4:57 PM

Great post and tips! I have a closet in our office that I literally have no idea what is in there. I NEED to go through it – thanks for the inspiration!

Bravoe Runway November 14, 2012 - 12:25 AM

My closet is most cluttered! It is bad and also my cabinets on the kitchen! So much 1/2 eaten food!

Erin November 15, 2012 - 7:33 PM

This is so very helpful! Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂

Seaweed and Raine November 18, 2012 - 10:17 PM

Thanks for the motivation to get at it this week… I have hot spots in my house that seem to attract clutter like bees to a honey pot! And I must do my ‘warm season’ sort through my closet soon(that one’s a bit tricky as I’m only just losing my post baby shape).