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DIY Wall Art {Photo Frame}

I finished up my first project pretty for the office this weekend. I knew I had been wanting to put a large picture frame or piece of art on this shelve in the office and after looking at all different kinds of pinspiration this is what I came up with. It cost right around $20 with the piece of wood, stain & paint, and picture frame. You could definitely build it cheaper, especially if you already have a frame on hand. I picked up the black frame at Hobby Lobby. It was 50% off and cost $10.


This project didn’t require any power tools. I just picked up an already cut 2×2 piece of finished plywood and stained it with ebony minwax stain. I wanted it to be black but I still wanted to see the wood grain.

I taped it off for the chevron pattern and painted several coats of white paint. After it dried I used a sanding block and gave it a distressed look. I’m thinking I want to go back with the power sander and distress it a little more but I can always do that later.

My original plan was to have my hubby cut out where I wanted to attach the frame and turn the whole piece into a permanent frame. However, after thinking about it I figured it would be easier to just hang the picture frame on the wood with a nail. This way I can change out the picture easier because the 8×10 that is in there is temporary until I get the other one made. Also, you could change out the frame if you wanted to for other colors or shapes.

I love how it turned out and I was just thinking if you put different nails or even knobs on a piece like this you could easily turn it into a jewelry holder. How fun would that be?

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