Frugal Fashion: Back to School on a Budget

by Melissa

Frugal Fashion: Back to School on a Budget

Wow! My daughter is only a soon to be Kindergartner and the biggest expense we have had so far is clothes shopping. It can get crazy expensive. Kids clothes should not cost as much as adults, right? Here are some great tips to keep your kids looking stylish but do it on a budget.

  • Inventory your items: Before you decide to go out and spend a small fortune on your lovely kids be sure to check and see what they have in their closets. Do they already have essential pieces that still fit, do they need a new jacket, new socks or underwear. What is it that they truly need. This will prevent you from just going and purchasing a load of random clothes.

  • What does your school allow?: Another big tip is to find out what your schools dress code allows for your children to wear. The kids here don’t have a dress code outside of no profanity or inappropriate shirts but if you have to wear collared shirts and khakis there is no point in spending a huge amount on clothes that they can’t wear to school.

  • Cash in your old clothes: If you have clothes that are outgrown but in great shape then you can try selling them at consignment stores or online. I would only recommend this if you have name brand items. I don’t find that consignment stores or clothes online do as well unless they are name brand pieces.

  • Arm yourself with coupons: Just about every store right now has a back to school sale going on but most also have coupons that you can pair with those sales as well. Be sure before you head out to any store you search online for any printable coupons. A great place to search for these coupons would be

  • Shop outlets: Unfortunately not everyone will have this luxury but if you have them within driving distance take the advantage and use them. You can save anywhere from 25% up to 65% off their regular store prices.

  • Shop discount stores: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross…. sometimes they are a pain to find clothes you like and sometimes you hit the jackpot but the prices are worth the trip in to check out what they have in stock at the moment.

  • Shop off season: This is a little harder to do for smaller kids because you just never know how they are going to grow but if you see great clearance prices on summer items snag some up for next Spring/Summer. The same goes for when the fall items go on sale in the Spring.

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Claire @ A Little Claireification August 10, 2013 - 4:46 PM

Thanks for the great Back To School shopping tips! Pinning! 🙂