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No Slip Hangers

A while back I featured this tip Tuesday on how to create a no slip hanger. As much as I love that easy idea I found that finding the few hangers I fixed up like that was a pain because they are clear. They would always get put on another non-slipping piece of clothing on accident (*cough* usually by the hubby). I was too lazy to go through and fix every hanger like that. It wasn’t going to happen. Owell, right?

But wait!…Yesterday while perusing pinterest I found an even better no slip hanger trick. It got me excited because I was literally just cleaning out some craft supplies and getting ready to toss some pipe cleaners in the donate bin.

Clothes closet organizing Pipe-cleaner-hangers
I love this. It is super simple, inexpensive, and fun. You could pick any color you liked, even match it up to your room decor. These packages of pipe cleaners can be picked up for $1 a pack at your local dollar store. The best is that you can use them on any type of hanger you have available.
I’m going to go put my pipe cleaners to use right now! 🙂

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Ashley K

Saturday 5th of May 2012

This is such a great idea! My bf puts stuff on the wrong hangers all the time too must be a guy thing lol


Saturday 5th of May 2012

At least their hanging them up right? haha