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All About Fragrance: Tips on buying, applying and storing!

A fragrance is an accessory! It is definitely something that is not a “one size fits all” product and it will smell different on each individual person. These tips are all about fragrance and hopefully, they will be helpful for you in buying, applying, and storing your favorite bottles.

Check out all these tips all about fragrance if you are interested in learning about buying perfume, applying it correctly and how to store it to last.

All About Fragrance!

Tips for Buying Perfume.

  • Perfume shop during the midday. Your senses are the sharpest at this time of day. Also, never shop with any perfumes/lotions on your body already.
  • Have you ever smelled so many perfumes your head just becomes one big perfume bottle? You can clear your head by using coffee beans.
  • When testing scents on your body always allow 15 minutes for your scent to truly develop before purchasing.

How to apply your fragrance.

  • Let it develop… Spray your perfume 5-7 inches away from your body. Once it develops and releases the top notes after a few minutes you can spray again if it’s not strong enough. If your body is getting wet from your perfume you are spraying too close.
  • If you want a light scent and nothing too heavy, spray the air in front of you and walk through to lightly coat your skin and clothes.
  • Spray your pulse points. (behind the ears and knees, on your wrists, etc) Do not rub your wrists together, this will cause your perfume to dissolve and disappear.
  • Accidentally spray on too much? Use unscented hand sanitizer to lessen the scent, unscented lotion will work too. If all else fails, just take a shower!

Storing How to & Tips.

A perfume can stay fresh and strong (with true notes) anywhere from 1-8 years. Here are some tips to keeping it like the day you bought and loved it.

  • Never keep your perfume in your bathroom! Humidity can alter a scent quickly.
  • The best place is somewhere dark, even the refrigerator. Yes! The refrigerator! It can lengthen a perfume by 50%. Just keep away from the butter and foods that like to absorb scents otherwise you may be eating scented butter. Eww!
  • Not open to the fridge? Me either! Another good place would be your bedroom, away from windows and lamps you use often. I have mine placed in my closet.

Do you have a favorite perfume?

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