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Hair Dryer Tricks

Last week’s tip Tuesday was all about tips for hair brushes so I thought I would follow that up with unexpected tricks and uses for your hair dryer. You know besides using it to blow dry your hair. 😉

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  • Dewrinkle: Get rid of the wrinkles! This works great for items you may have been storing like shower curtains or tablecloths. Just be sure to hold it a good foot away from the item so you don’t do any melting. That would be bad!

  • Dusting: Dust those places that are hard to reach by shooting them with some air. Be sure you start from the top and work your way down otherwise you’ll be redusting.

  • Erase Marks: You can erase crayon marks by blow drying it and letting the wax melt then wiping it clean with a sponge. This will also work on wax spills.

  • Detach a Photo: Use the heat from the dryer to loosen the glue from photo album pages.

  • Frosting hardener: What? Yes… you can use a blow dryer on cool to harden cake/cookie frosting.

  • Dry your body: My hubby does this all the time, use the hair dryer to dry off before putting on your clothes. If you are in a rush to quickly get dressed right out of the shower this works great and no trying to squeeze into clothes while they cling to you.

  • Mirror Defogger: Speaking of showers…one of the most annoying things is fogged mirrors, especially if you are trying to do your makeup. Use a hair dryer to quickly and easily remove the steam so you can get on with your morning.

  • Detecting Leaks: Got a leak around your window or door? You can use a hair dryer to blow air from one side while another person holds a flame on the other side. If it blows out or starts to really move then you know where your leak is coming from.

  • Loosening Glue: Getting off hard to remove stickers from shoes, jars, etc. Thanks Bessie for this tip. This is definitely a good one too. 🙂

    What other ways do you use hair dryers besides for the obvious hair drying usage?

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    Lizzums - BeneBelle

    Wednesday 12th of September 2012

    My fella dries off with my hair dryer too :3 He also has quite long hair for a bloke and has recently started blow drying it... No complaints here. *oggles* I also use it to scare the cat when she's being naughty and yanking the curtains open when I've just come out of the bath! :B we're totally losing some of our deposit for those curtains... xx

    Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife

    Saturday 5th of May 2012

    Great tips!! TFS!!

    Stopping by from Somewhat Simple linky party. Here is what I shared this week:


    Saturday 5th of May 2012

    Thanks :) & Yay for army wife bloggers! :)



    Friday 4th of May 2012

    I personally prefer the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer which is amazing, it uses ceramic which keeps the hair smooth, shiny, soft and healthy. plus it dries the hair really fast :D

    Phil and Darby Hawley

    Thursday 3rd of May 2012

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing these. Stopping by from Southern Lovely Show and Share :-)


    Thursday 3rd of May 2012

    Thanks so much for stopping by. :)


    Zia Blue

    Wednesday 2nd of May 2012

    Wow, thanks for the tips! I'd never thought of any of these xD



    Wednesday 2nd of May 2012

    Your welcome! :) Glad you enjoyed them.