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Timesaving Tips: Dinner & Bed

So last week you made it through the afternoon slump but now it’s on to the dinner time rush and the bedtime routine. You know that time of the night when you are trying to fit dinner in, get the kids bathed, teeth brush, bedtime story read and in bed with enough time left for you to do some chores around the house and get all of your “I got to get done for tomorrow” things done. Wow, yeah that was a mouth full, but it definitely reiterates what that dinner time rush feels like.

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Here are some quick tips to conquer that problem.

  • On your busiest nights, have quick fix meals, like tacos.

  • For quick dinner clean up, use fewer dishes as possible. You don’t have to set out everything nice and neat like Sunday supper just go with the flow and do buffet straight from the stove.

  • Establish a routine! It will be easier to get the kids or your night time accomplished when your body is in that routine of bath, brush, and bed.

  • Jot down a quick ‘to do’ list before bed. It will keep you on track in the morning and as well keep your mind at peace so you aren’t worried you forgot something once you lay down.

  • Dim the lights about an hr before bed, it will prepare your body for sleeping.

  • Keep regular hours so your body develops a pattern.

  • Lastly, a tip I’m not sure works because my hubby doesn’t really snore unless he’s sick. Try whistling softly, it’s suppose to help quiet him. I don’t know if this one works but if you try it let me know.

What is your busiest part of the night?

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Wednesday 12th of December 2012

I love these tips! our mornings are the craziest!! I will definitely have to put these to good use!


Wednesday 12th of December 2012

Thanks hun! :)