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Weight Loss Tips Part 2: Making Smart Decisions

If you read weight loss tips part 1 then you have got the Golden Rules of losing weight down but now it’s time to make some smart decisions. That was the easy part now it’s time for the harder part, committing to making good choices daily.

Weight Loss Tips Part 2: Making Smart Decisions


Making Smart Decisions!
  • Eat your breakfast!! I know you have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, it’s true! If you eat a good hearty and healthy breakfast you are less likely to be starving for junk at lunch time.

  • Have a certain not great for you food that wins every time you find you are around it? Those crazy holiday brownies are one of mine. Err! Do not bring it into your home! It can’t tempt you if it isn’t there. That doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore it. Love ice cream? Commit to eating it only when you are at a restaurant or for a special occasion.

  • Sleep is a good thing, get enough of it.

  • Don’t use up all your daily calories for your 3 square meals. You need snacks in between meals, they keep you going and keep your metabolism going as well.

  • Drink water! It’s good for you and helps you feel full as well. I like to add some lemon in with mine.

  • Don’t stress over the foods that you are having to give up. There are lots of good for you foods that taste great. Once you have kicked the habit of temptation then slowly start allowing those other foods back in moderation. Life isn’t worth living if you can’t enjoy what you love.

  • Eat slower, it takes you longer to eat. It will help you feel more satisfied with eating less food, especially if you are transitioning over from eating as much as you want.

  • Do you have giant dinner plates? If you do then your likely eating bigger portions. Invest in some smaller plates. The portions are smaller but the smaller plate will look like you ate a lot of food. Yes, it’s that easy to trick our minds. 😉

  • Back to eating breakfast, think about eating something high in protein. Protein takes longer to digest and that full feeling will last you a lot longer.

  • Lastly… My biggest support in trying to lose weight was always keeping a journal of what I ate. You would be surprised to see how many calories you actually do take in a day if you aren’t trying to count your calories. I bet it’s a LOT more than you would ever think. I like to use myfitnesspal for tracking my calories and my weight loss. It also has a forum to connect with other guys and gals that are committed to losing weight as well. A buddy to keep you motivated and accountable is great and very helpful.


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