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Winning with Mabel’s Labels!

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It’s summer and that means sleep overs, camps and traveling with stuff you don’t want your kids to misplace or lose. That is why today I am going to talk about how you can win with labels but not just any labels, Mabel’s Labels. Mabel’s Label’s are great for clothes, swimwear, backpacks, shoes and more. They are customizable and can easily be laundered without ruining them. Plus they are dishwasher and microwave-safe too. How awesome is that?

How to use labels to keep your kids organized at summer camp, sleep overs and more.

If your child is attending camp this year be sure to check out the limited edition camp label pack. It is specifically designed for everything that has to go to summer camp with your kiddos. This way no mix-ups or lost items when they come home.

Also a great tip!! Let your kids do the packing when it comes time to pack for camp. Why do this? Your kids need to know what they are taking to camp. How can you expect them to bring all their items home if they don’t truly know what they went there with. Maybe you won’t let them pack the whole bag completely by themselves but be sure they are helping you do the packing.

How to use labels to keep your kids organized at summer camp, sleep overs and more.

How to use labels to keep your kids organized at summer camp, sleep overs and more.


These labels even work great during the school year. I know my daughter has to label everything from her backpack and lunchbox to anything else that comes into the school.

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Mabels Labels Camp Combo

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