Big Hero 6 Baymax inspired Cookie Pops. A fun and delicious treat for the whole family.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Cookie Pops

Course Dessert
Author Melissa Coleman


  • Double Stuffed Cream Sandwich Cookies
  • White Chocolate or Vanilla / Almond Bark
  • Black Gel Icing
  • You will also need Popsicle sticks


  1. Melt your white chocolate or bark in a double boiler (my preferred method) or the microwave.
  2. While the chocolate is melting push Popsicle sticks in your cookies. The double stuffed cream sandwich style cookies work the best for this so that you have plenty of room to push the Popsicle sticks into the cream. Be gentle about it so that the cookies don't pop apart.
  3. Cover your cookie pops with the chocolate, completely coating both sides.
  4. Allow excess to drip off and place on a piece of wax paper.
  5. Once your pops are set then you can use the gel icing and draw on the Baymax face.
  6. Allow the face to set and enjoy. You don't particularly have to wait for the face to set before eating them but if you were to serve them at a party you would want to allow them to harden so that his face doesn't run.