by Melissa

Hi! I’m Melissa.

Welcome to my little piece of the world wide web. So glad you decided to stop by and read a little bit about me.

I’m the author and creator here at Today’s Creative Ideas (formerly This Girl’s Life Blog). I currently reside in Eastern Tennessee, with my loving husband of 15+ years, our beautiful 10-year-old daughter and our fur baby Molly.

We are a military family and move quite often. That is what brought us here to Eastern TN, although TN has always been our home state. Who knows where we will end up next, but as always, it is sure to be an adventure. We like to keep life light-hearted and fun!

Being a military family is what initially made me start this blog. It was our first big move away from family (to Kansas) and I wanted a way to keep everyone updated on our life. Six plus years later it has turned from the initial hobby blog to a small business. I love it and I love sharing my thoughts and ideas with all of you. Being creative is a passion of mine and I hope you will find that this blog gives you some inspiration and creativity too.

Today’s Creative Ideas is a collaboration of DIY projects for the home, adult and kid crafts, yummy recipes, and home and life resources. All (fairly) easy ideas for the busy mom {and dad too}.

Thanks so much to all of you that are reading and commenting. You guys are the best!

Want to learn more about me?

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Hi, I'm Melissa! So glad you decided to stop by and read a little more about me, the author here at This Girl's Life Blog.