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Jazz up your home with this diy glitter vase, perfect for recycling old candle jars.

DIY Glitter Vase

I love me some glitter. It doesn’t matter how old I get glitter will always be sparkly and fun. Although I will admit I don’t like cleaning up the mess that it makes. Today though we are going to break out the glitter, lots of it, and make us a fun DIY glitter vase. This project is quick …

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Looking for an inexpensive and easy storage solution for all of your washi tape? Definitely check out this option.

Washi Tape Storage

So I have to know, am I the only one that has a crazy amount of washi tape?…… Yeah, I didn’t think so. Where are my planner addicts? I know you have tons of washi tape too. haha! The bad thing about having a lot of washi is figuring out how to store it all. …

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