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DIY Oversized Chalkboard: Under $20

So I have always wanted a large chalkboard to display various holiday messages and what not on but have never had the right spot for one. When we moved in to this place just a few weeks ago I was like ahhhh (that's me singing, I finally found the perfect spot for a over-sized chalkboard. Needless to say this was my first building project in our new place.

We rent and our landlord just painted the walls before we moved in so I wasn't really up to asking if we could paint the walls with chalkboard paint just yet. However, I found something even better than painting the walls and a little more practical for renters. It requires no painting! Home Depot carries these amazing 2'x4' pieces of chalkboard. How I haven't heard about this before now is beyond me. Probably because back in Kansas where we moved from the closest Home Depot was a bit of a drive and we rarely made the trip. Like once in 3 years. Yeah!


This size was perfect for the spot I wanted to create a chalkboard on so I sprinted down to Home Depot in a hurry. Okay, I definitely did not sprint. I can barely walk my dogs on these mountain roads. I need more practice clearly but I did drive there and pick up the supplies right away. Which speaking of supplies you only need a couple, yep just $20 worth to build this chalkboard.


Supplies Needed:

2' x 4' Chalkboard 

(2) 1x2x8 Cedar Board

hangers (your choice of style)


There really isn't much directions to this at all. My husband wanted to go a little more intricate and use his dado blades to make a slip for the chalkboard to fit into but that step isn't necessary.


The chalkboard is made of mdf and you could also brad nail the boards onto the chalkboard or glue it straight to the board if you chose. I will admit though the slips my husband made allowed it to look really nice from all sides. I also decided I liked the look of it hanging from hooks like a sign but that is all in how you like yours to look. You could go with picture hangers as well. We as well decided not to paint or stain the cedar boards. I want the boards to age on their own and they already have a natural rough texture that I loved.


I am so excited with how it turned out. It is the perfect spot for notes and holidays messages. I definitely need to up my game in chalk art though. lol  We have also gotten a lot of use out of it already studying for spelling tests. We are going to rock 1st grade this year!

Do you have a large chalkboard in your home?