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Fall Leaf Crafts

One of my favorite things about Fall is the beautiful color the leaves make.

They are starting to turn really good around here and this coming weekend it’s suppose to drop into the 40s.

I definitely think they will start to rapidly turn and fall after that. Once they begin to fall that means you can gather them up and make some of these wonderful fall leaf crafts.
Different types of ways you can use fall leaves by making these creative and clever fall leaf crafts.

How creative is this autumn leaf bowl? It would look fantastic in the center of a table.

Autumn Leaf Bowl


Leaf Coaster Craft


Talk about an inexpensive way to add some decor to your front door. Gather some leaves and make a wreath out of them.

Fall Leaf Wreath


Leaf Mobile


I really love this leaf art. Make a leaf with fallen leaves. So creative and would look great left up all the way through Thanksgiving.

Leaf Art


Fall Tree Snow Globe


I can’t get over how creative some of you awesome bloggers are. This fall tree is amazing.

Fall Leaf Tree


Autumn Leaf Candle Holder


Lastly but most certainly not least, add a little elegance to your fall table. This would be perfect for Thanksgiving too.

Leaf Stamped Napkins

Now that you have seen all of the crafty ways you can use fall leaves here are a few free or inexpensive ways you can enjoy the leaves falling in your yard this season.


-Fill bag pumpkins! Anyone else remembers doing this in their childhood? This is something my brothers and I always did when we were younger. Fill up those garbage bag pumpkins with leaves. I know they still sell them and they are pretty cheap for several bags. Plus once Halloween is over your leaves are bagged, they can either be tossed in the trash or in your compost bin.

-Speaking of stuffing things, how about stuffing those leaves in a scarecrow? We use to do this as well with old clothes and then use a plastic pumpkin for a head.

-Gather up a huge pile and jump into them or instead of a snowball fight how about a leaf fight.

-Study them! I know as a kid we did projects with finding leaves on the ground and trying to figure out which type of tree it belonged too. A fun way to keep the kiddos entertained for a few hours.

-Though this one may not be as fun for the kids but shred them as they begin to fall and allow them to fertilize your yard. They also make great mulch for your flower beds.

I hope you have enjoyed all the ways you can create or use fall leaves in and around your home. Looking for more fall crafts, activities or recipes?

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