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How to create functional and fabulous farmhouse laundry rooms

Do your laundry in style with these ideas for functional and fabulous farmhouse laundry rooms.

Perfect pieces to add that rustic and vintage feel.

Do your laundry in style with these farmhouse laundry room ideas. Perfect pieces to add that rustic and vintage feel.

If you are anything like me then the laundry room is probably one of the least favorite rooms in your entire house.

I would say that it might fall under my bathroom as the least favorite, as I do like taking showers, and a nice relaxing bath helps me enjoy the bathroom a little more than the laundry room. 

With that said, laundry rooms can be made a little more fabulous if they are cute to look at. AmIright?

That is why today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ways to create a functional but still fabulous laundry room with these farmhouse laundry room ideas.

I will never say it will make you want to do laundry but hey you never know.


First I want to start off with some of the cutest farmhouse decor items you can pick up for your laundry room.

These pieces will definitely get you going in the right direction if rustic and chippy is your thing. Which it totally is my thing.

Click the pictures to take you straight to the details and pricing for each. *These links are affiliate links.

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Create Functional and Fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Rooms with these best farmhouse laundry finds on amazon!

Now that you know some of the items to purchase here are some inspirational pictures to get you motivated to want to make your farmhouse laundry room ideas turn into something that looks awesome. 

Ides for Functional & Fabulous Farmhouse Laundry Rooms

Clothes Pin Planters
7th House on the Left

This clothespin planter is cute as a button, easy to make and inexpensive.

DIY Rustic Ironing Board Hanger
The Inspired Hive

Make the most of your space with this simple DIY ironing board holder. This piece can be built with scrap lumber! It is compact and convenient.

Laundry Sign Hanging Station
Funky Junk Interiors

“Learn how to stencil/build an industrial reclaimed wood and pipe LAUNDRY sign hanging station with fence planks, pipes, and Funky Junk’s Old Sign Stencils!” -Funky Junk Interiors

Shiplapped Laundry Room
Pillow Thought

A shiplap accent wall works perfectly in a farmhouse laundry room makeover.

Sliding Laundry Room Barn Door
Liz Marie Blog

“When you think of a sliding barn door, you don’t always need an actual barn door. Use any door or crafted DIY wood door and use sliding barn door hardware.” -Liz Marie Blog

DIY Wire Laundry Baskets
Twelve on Main

“Using wire mesh, plywood, and drop cloth you too can make DIY wire laundry baskets. They are easy to make and are so unique.” – Twelve on Main

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