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Proven ways to get kids to eat more vegetables!

This post is sponsored by Green Giant. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I fully admit that I got the poster child for a great eater. We have never had to fight her on trying or eating her fruits and vegetables. She loves vegetables! This girl will even eat cabbage when my husband turns his nose up.

The reality, though, most kids have a tough time when it comes to eating their vegetables. That doesn’t mean it is impossible and some of these proven ways to get kids to eat more vegetables can help.

Struggling to get your child to eat more healthy foods? Check out these 5 proven ways to get kids to eat more vegetables.

1.) Get Them Involved! 
Just like we appreciate something more when we work hard at it, getting your kids involved in cooking dinner will help them appreciate what they will be eating.  A great way to get them even further involved is having them shop for the ingredients as well. Whether you are headed to the farmer’s market for fresh vegetables or to the store to pick out some of your favorites. You could ask them to pick something they really love and one item that they have never tried that looks good to them. 

2.) Set A Good Example!
Definitely setting a good example is a proven way to get your kids to eat good fruits and vegetables. If they see mom and dad eating them regularly it won’t even be a second thought about whether they should eat them as well. Also, if you buy the good stuff opposed to the bad then they have no choice but to eat what is served to them. 

3.) Mix it up!
Sometimes it is just the idea of the way a certain vegetable looks that puts a child off from trying it. This is why we love Green Giant’s new riced veggies. They have several new varieties but our favorite is the cauliflower and sweet potato. These are incredibly delicious and easy to make since you can just pop them in the microwave. 

If you are a busy mom like myself then, of course, you look for side dishes that are a healthy option but convenience is a must as well. The Green Giant riced veggies are healthier than rice as it provides 70% fewer calories but just as convenient as they are in the frozen vegetable aisle of your local Walmart. They also come in several flavor options 

4.) Reward Good Behavior!
If you have a super picky child then a reward system for trying new vegetables without complaining can be a useful tool. The reward would have to be dependent on each child and what they are willing to “work” for. Do they love stickers or if you eat all your vegetables you can have the treat they wanted later. 

5.) Keet At It!
The most important step when getting kids to eat more vegetables is keep going. Don’t just cough it up as my child is too picky he/she won’t eat vegetables at all. Make it a habit for them to eat well so that they will continue their healthy eating into adulthood. 


Do you have any tips for getting your child to eat healthy vegetables? I would love to hear them. 


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