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Repurposed Tray: Family Established Sign

So while we were out doing the Spring Break thing this past week I stopped in at Marshall’s and found this farmhouse style “wooden” tray that just spoke to me. I loved the style and color but there was one problem. It was huge. Needless to say my husband was giving me that look, you know the one that says you have absolutely no where to put a giant tray so don’t even think about it look. Yeah, that one. I kept on looking at other things and then it finally hit me. I could turn this tray into the family established sign that I had been talking about making.

How to turn a tray into a family established sign. Repurpose new or old items to fit your needs.

My husband was still giving me that look even after I bought it but now that I have got it finished I think I have finally convinced him that it turned out looking great. Plus, it has a perfect spot above my new china cabinet (which I have yet to blog about or fill up despite having for several months already).

I bought some [easyazon_link identifier=”B004BPRZ2Q” locale=”US” tag=”thgisli03-20″]4 inch alphabet stencils[/easyazon_link] for this project. I had planned to stipple paint on the name like I did in my vintage bakery sign but then I new if I messed up there was no buying a new piece of wood to fix it. So… instead I just traced the letters and then hand painted each one. Which was still a pretty quick process, it only took about 30 minutes.



Once I finished painting I took a piece of sandpaper and proceeded to pretty much sand most of the paint off. I wanted it to look old and like I bought the piece with our family name already on it.

How to turn a tray into a family established sign. Repurpose new or old items to fit your needs.

When you go out shopping do you find pieces you love and find a spot for them or do you find pieces for spots in your home? I do both… If I really love something then I will get it and find a spot for it. Although I feel like those are the pieces that I get tired of the most because I often don’t have that perfect spot for them and they get moved a lot.

Have you ever taken a new item and turned it into something different right off the bat? I love comments… Let me know.

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