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Homemade Furniture Polish

Last Tip Tuesday I posted what I use for homemade toilet bowl & drain cleaner so I thought I would continue with the homemade tips for a few weeks. This week is a homemade furniture polish. I’ll just say buy bulk in white vinegar because it’s in all sorts of homemade cleaning solutions. 🙂
What you’ll need:
Olive Oil
White Vinegar
Lemon Juice
Spray Bottle
Cleaning Cloth
How to:
Combine 1/4 cup of each into a spray bottle. Easy Peasy!!
The olive oil will help nourish your wood furniture while the vinegar and lemon juice do all the cleaning. The lemon juice helps provide a nice scent to boot.
Do not spray the mixture directly onto your furniture. Just like regular furniture polish you will want to spray onto a cleaning cloth. This mixture works best on real wood furniture so be sure to pretest your mixture on an inconspicuous part beforehand.
Is there something specific that you would like to see a homemade solution for? Let me know!

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