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Unexpected Uses for Sugar

Sugar is no doubt going to be a part of our diet. It is almost impossible to get rid of eating it entirely. Let’s be honest, I enjoy sweets to much. However, like most things in excess it is not good for you. It can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and more. So the plan is to cut back on our sugar intake but what are some useful and unexpected uses for sugar? Keep reading for ways that don’t involve eating it in the form of yummy slices of cake. Even if that is really what we just want to do.

Unexpected Uses for Sugar

1. Face Exfoliation: Add a few drops of olive oil to 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. Daily facial exfoliating will help with removing dead skin that clogs your pores. If you already use a facial serum you can also mix your sugar with that instead of the olive oil. Sure you can go out and buy your own face and body exfoliates but why would you when you can have the same effect for pennies on the dollar.

2. Body Exfoliation: Speaking of body exfoliates above, pour out you a little body wash onto your sponge add about a teaspoon of sugar and ta-da instant body exfoliater.

3. Homemade Hair Gel: Mix a teaspoon of sugar with hot water. Stir the sugar around so that it will dissolve. Then you can dip your fingers in and start styling.

4. Tongue Burns: I especially need this one during hot chocolate season. I always burn my tongue. Sprinkle a few granules on your tongue and it will help eliminate the pain.

5. Flower Food: I like having fresh flowers in my home. They make me smile but I like it even more when they last longer than a week. Mix 3 teaspoons sugar, 2 tablespoons vinegar and a 1/4 cup of water to create a mixture that will keeping them staying fresh longer.

6. Grass Stain Remover: My daughter is the worst at getting grass stains on her clothes. I buy outdoor play clothes because of this. However, a great way to remove those pesky stains is by mixing sugar with water to make a thick paste. Scrub it on and leave it sitting for approximately an hour. The sugar granules will act as an abrasive to remove the stains and you can just wash as normal.

7. Hand Cleaner: Just like cleaning away grass stains it can clean away stays from your hands as well. Great solution for those who spend a lot of time working around greasy stuff, like cars. Sprinkle a little in your hands with your regular soap and wash up.

I won’t lie, I still like my sugar mostly in food but I will take a cheap way to exfoliate and clean some stuff as much as the next person.

What is your favorite way to use sugar?




Sunday 11th of January 2015

I've heard of making exfoliants with sugar, but I've never hard of using it to remove stains or to help with a burn. Very cool, thanks for sharing! Stopping by from the SITS DIY Linkup.