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How to make an American flag tie-dye shirt!

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American Flag Tie Dye Shirt – If you have been wondering how exactly to make tie-dye shirts, then you are my friend in the right spot. This shirt is perfect for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, an American flag pattern.

If I can do this, and have it turn out looking pretty good, so can you.

Plus you really can’t go wrong either way. The whole fun is in mixing the colors and creating fun patterns.

This photo features a American Flag tie dye shirt homemade with a few simple supplies.

How to make an American Flag Tie Dye Shirt!

First off, we should definitely start off with what you will need to make your shirt.

As you can see in the photos below we use the drop cloth a LOT.

You don’t have to have one for your project but to protect your work surface I highly recommend it.

Make Tie Dye Shirts with these supplies.

The first step in tie-dying is figuring out what pattern you want to create.

Here is a great site on all the different types of tie-dye shirt patterns you can do.

For this American flag pattern, I folded the shirt in a diagonal pattern.

How to fold your tie dye shirt.

Once folded you can rubber band the shirt so that the dye won’t bleed.

The first part will be wider to create the blue portion of the flag and then the others will be spread apart evenly.

How to fix your pattern for tie dye shirts.

Once you have your shirt rubber banded you are ready to start the process of tie-dying.

Tie Dye American Flag Pattern

I actually used a spray bottle style so it wasn’t as messy for me.

If you are using a bottle of dye I would suggest putting your shirt on a rack so the dye won’t puddle and bleed through to the other parts of the shirt.

Allow your shirt to dry fully. Most likely overnight would be best.

Then you can cut off the rubber bands and heat set in the dryer for 20 minutes.

Once heat-set you can wash as normal.

Note: I would wash it by itself for the first couple of times just to be on the safe side.

Make Tie Dye Shirts with these easy steps

Don’t forget in this whole process of learning how to make an American Flag Tie Dye Shirt that you aren’t just limited to t-shirts.

You can tie-dye all sorts of things from shorts to shoes and pretty much everything in between.

Plus it’s a pretty fun way to get outside and enjoy the summer while creating something pretty to wear as well.


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Learn how to make tie dye shirts easily with these simple steps. This American flag pattern is perfect for the 4th of July.

American Flag Tie Dye Shirt

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