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Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

If you read my miniature fairy garden ideas post then you know I said I would be back with some awesome miniature fairy garden accessories to decorate them to the nines.

There are so many cute ideas to decorate your miniature fairy garden that you wouldn’t even believe. I love them all.

Create the miniature garden of your dreams with these adorable miniature fairy garden accessories featuring accents, furniture and more.

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Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories

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Ideas and Suggestions for Fairy Garden Accessories

  • miniature fountains
  • miniature furniture
  • miniature insects and animals
  • miniature fairies
  • small plants and ground cover
  • rocks and pebbles
  • seasonal accessories for holidays

You really can’t go wrong with your miniature fairy garden accessories as long as you love them. Creating little miniature terrariums is an old favorite and these little fairy gardens is just a new take on that old favorite. 

Though I would suggest choosing a theme and sticking with accessories that will compliment.

Another great idea for miniature fairy gardens in diying your own creations. Some great ideas would be using old doll furniture and accessories, popsicle sticks (which you may know is one of my favorite craft supplies), or sculpting with clay.

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