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14 Non-Candy Valentine Ideas for Kids

Skip the sweets this Valentine’s Day and go with one of these clever and cute Non Candy Valentine Ideas.

Whether your child has food allergies or you are thinking of their classmates, choosing Valentine’s classroom treats that don’t involve food is a great choice and something parents appreciate.

Skip the sweets this Valentine's Day and go with one of these clever and cute Non-Candy Valentine Ideas. Whether your child has food allergies or you are thinking of their classmates, choosing Valentine's classroom treats that don't involve food are a great choice!  #ValentinesDay #NonCandyValentineIdeas #NonCandyValentines #ClassroomTreats #ValentinesTreats

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Kids always love to get the treats they can snack on but sometimes we just want to give something else besides sugary sweet candy.

No matter what your reason for giving a non-candy Valentine’s Day gift, with a little effort you can craft up some of the best super cute ideas.

Non-food ones that I know your kiddo will love to pass out to their friends and best buds.

Check out this collection of unique, custom, and easy ideas to make non edible Valentine ideas that are perfect for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and all elementary-aged kids.

Now the hard part is, of course, going to be deciding which one to pick and print.

Explore our top picks of Valentine gifts for classmates today! Enjoy!

Instead of candy, go with a tube of playdough. How fun!

“Doh” You want to be my Valentine
Random Thoughts of a Supermom 

You Rule – Fun Valentine Printables
Relocated Living

Arrow Pencil Printable
Sweet Muffin Suite

Tiny Animal Valentine’s
Sweet C Designs

Handmade Loom Bracelets
30 Handmade Days

Valentine Bubbles
U Create

Free Printable Valentine Crossword Cards
Amazing Mae

Colors & Notebooks – Perfect for Everyone
Karen Scraps

This one is a favorite for all the boys in the classroom.

You’re Just Plane Awesome
A Little Tipsy

Have A Ball
Simply Designing

Sip Sip Hooray
Bargain Briana

Color Your Heart Out Valentine Treat
Northwest Lovelies

Printable Bookmarks
Positively Splendid

This idea was originally from Dandee Designs which is no longer available. It is still a fantastic idea for exchanging with classmates and you can find a similar design here.

Magnifying Glass Valentine
Photo: Dandee Designs

Items you might need to create these awesome DIY non-candy Valentine ideas that are perfect for every school party.

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