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20+ Non-Candy Halloween Treats

It’s almost that time, to gather together your massive trick-or-treating candy bowl and fill it with ghoulish goodies.

But wait! Before you empty that giant bag of sugary sweet candy how about trying one of these fun, safe, and affordable alternatives. 

These non-candy Halloween treats are not only great for those with allergies but to give all kids something a bit healthier than their chocolate alternatives.

These fun options just might make you the best trick-or-treating house on the block.

Don't get stuck handing out just candy to trick-or-treaters, check out these awesome non-candy Halloween treats. Great for classroom ideas too.

I have done a non-candy treats post for Easter and for Valentine’s Day but of course, we need one for one of the biggest candy nights of the year, Halloween. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have a HUGE sweet tooth and love a good Reese’s cup any day but sometimes kids can just get too much.

If you are on that same wavelength and have been thinking about being a little different this year and giving out some non-candy Halloween treats then stick around and check out these awesome ideas.

What can you give out on Halloween that is not candy?

Non-Candy Halloween Treats for Kids Ideas

Boooobles Printable
Tater Tots and Jello

“Since there is an overabundance of sweets this time of year, one of my favorites is a non-food item like bubbles. In fact, I’m sharing with you some sweet “Booo-bubbles” printable favor tags” – Tater Tots & Jello

Boo Dough Printables
Anders Ruff

“I have always loved when my neighbors give out Playdough instead of candy at Halloween, and so we wanted to create a way to spruce up regular playdough containers.” – Anders Ruff

Halloween Necklaces
Photo By Seeking Shade

The Seeking Shade site is no longer available but these Halloween Necklaces are super simple to throw together. All you need is some containers filled with Halloween-colored beads and attached bracelet string tied around the container.

Halloween Lip Balm Labels
Thirty Handmade Days

“At our school, we’re not allowed to bring candy which can be a big challenge.  So this year I designed some cute printable lip balm labels and cards.” – Thirty Handmade Days

Glitter Slime Monsters
The 36th Avenue

This slime theme doesn’t have to be just for Halloween, you can whip up a batch of amazing monster-themed slime any day of the year but how fun is it for a non-candy treat?

Halloween Gak
Let’s DIY it All

Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags
Repeat Crafter Me

“If you are looking to give your kids a treat this Halloween that isn’t just another piece of junk candy, I’ve got you covered! The kids will love these Lego Pumpkin Treat Bags! Very easy to put together and it won’t rot their teeth. In fact, did you know legos help teach math, and science, develop thinking skills, and creativity?!” – Repeat Crafter Me

Glow Stick Witch Brooms
North Story

“I am always and I mean always brainstorming ideas for classroom treats that don’t involve food or candy because our school has a very strict peanut-free allergy policy. That and sometimes it’s nice to try something that’s not pre-packaged food.” – NorthStory

Vampire Bookmark
Crazy Little Projects

“These cute free printable Halloween bookmarks are fun to print for the kids during October. They make a great Halloween party favor or just something fun to print for your kids to use at home.” – Crazy Little Projects

DIY Monster Earrings
Craftberry Bush

“I’ve never been a spooky Halloween type of gal, so today, I wanted to share these cute, friendly monster earrings(which you can make into charms, rings, or even magnets). – Craftberry Bush

Spider Soap
Everyday Best

These spooky spider soaps are a fun and easy Halloween craft that the whole family will enjoy making together! 

Monster Playdough

This site is no longer available but these monster playdough treats are super simple. Wrap the containers in coordinating colors and attach either cut out faces or stickers to create the face. They make a great option for non-candy Halloween treats.

Vampire Teeth Card
Polka Dot Chair


Friday 16th of October 2015

I signed the pledge on The Teal Pumpkin Project so I shopped for non food items as well (I didn't make crafty things-maybe next year) I have Halloween stickers & tattoos from party city and pencils and things from 5Below. and a green pumpkin bucket next to the orange one filled with candy. I have a painted teal pumpkin out front. And a printout from the website for my door. I feel excited. (Working as a school nurse this year-I see how widespread food allergies are) ????

Melissa Coleman

Sunday 18th of October 2015

That is awesome Terry that you are participating in the teal pumpkin project. :)