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Fun ways to countdown to Disney

My little family is going to Disney for the first time and we are all pretty mega excited about it. Of course I (as the mom who typically plans all the vacation ideas) have been on the lookout for some great disney countdown activities.

Boy did I find them. Today I wanted to share with you some of the best ways to countdown to Disney I have found. Loads of awesome ideas to get you excited about your upcoming Disney vacation.

If you are looking for fun ways to countdown to Disney then you should check out all of these awesome ideas. From free printables to simple DIY creations.



Looking for a fun and free way to countdown to Disney? Print this free printable and hang it up on the fridge or in a frame and start counting today.

Disney Printable


Paper Chain Mickey Mouse >>> A Little Tipsy

Disney Countdown Flip and Color Calendar >>> Complicated Mama


Clothespin Disney Countdown >>> The Whole Kit n’ Caboodle


Mickey Ear Stickers Countdown >>> Reading Confetti


Disney Paper Chain with Printed Numbers >>> Reasons to Skip the Housework


Mark of the Days Disney Printable >>> Designs by Nicolina


Mason Jar Activity Countdown >>> R&R Workshop


Days til Disney Printable >>> All for the Memories

(also has the Disney World print available)




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JoAnn @ Whimsicle

Sunday 21st of May 2017

Disney countdowns are the coolest! My three-year-old insisted on changing ours each morning even though he had no clue how to write some of the numbers. Best learning experience for him! Talk about a desire to write numbers. I hope your Disney vacation was a blast!