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Beach Waves In A Bottle: Homemade Sea Salt Spray Recipe

Have you ever wanted that fresh out of the ocean or pool wavy hair look without having to hit the beach or pool beforehand? There are all kinds of beach sprays on the market but why spend the money when you probably have all the ingredients right at home.


Purified Water
2 Tablespoons Kosher or Sea Salt
1 Teaspoon Hair Gel

Directions & Use:

Mix ingredients and pour into a spray bottle. This homemade sea salt spray is best used on damp hair. Spray the mixture onto your damp hair and scrunch. For longer lasting waves, especially if you have straight hair like myself, spray on damp and braid your hair. Leave it braided over night and respray in the morning.

I love this homemade spray because the name brand Surf Spray costs around $30 for a 4 oz bottle. Yikes! It’s a great product if you don’t want to make your own spray but definitely pricey.

Do you like making homemade beauty products?

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