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Easy and Cute Easter Nail Art Designs

Celebrate Spring and Easter with these super cute Easter nail art designs. Take your nails up a notch this holiday season with these adorable and simple designs perfect for Easter weekend.

These beauties are inspired by spring’s favorite bunny, that warm sunshine we all wait so patiently for, and bright florals for some oh-so-cute nail art designs.

Collage of Easter Nail Art Designs

Easter is all about the flowers, adorable fuzzy animals, candy, and pastel shades, and it just so happens all of these things look amazing on our nails.

A beautiful Easter manicure is sure to put you in a celebratory mood.

We have previously posted some Spring nail designs and gorgeous solid color ideas that you might enjoy. But today, I thought I would show you some of the cutest Easter nail ideas.

Sometimes the most fun part about a holiday is choosing seasonally-appropriate nail art. Let’s get to celebrating!

  1. Easter Bunny Art >>> Mommy Moment

Easter bunny nails with a teal background.
“This Easter nail designs tutorial is a great starter for anyone. Since each step is simple, if you take your time anyone can make their nails special for this fun holiday.” – Mommy Moment

We love this one because the bunny nails are not super precise which makes it a great one for nail art beginners. It also gives you an opportunity to do an accent nail as they have done here with an egg design.

2. Hatching Chicks >>> Nails In Style

Easter nails that look like chicks hatching out of white polka-dotted eggs.
When you want to add a little extra sparkle for Easter, how about trying out this cute chick design on your nails? We love how they look like they are hatching from Easter eggs.

You can make the different colors of dots using a dotting tool.

3. Pastels in Plaid >>> Zoendout

These cute and easy Easter nail art designs are perfect for celebrating the holiday, with pretty pastels, chicks, and bunnies you can't go wrong.
If you’re looking to get easily festive with Easter nail art designs this year, try out these super simple plaid nails.

It’s a great way to bring a pop of pastel to any spring outfit. The base coat starts with white nails making it a design that will look good with any skin tone.

4. Mosiac Easter Theme Nails >>> Heartnat

Mosaic nails with green, yellow, and pink color.
Spring has got me sprung with these beautiful mosaic nails.

I think this design is great for April nails because although it is the perfect way to celebrate Easter but also great for the entire month.

5. Polka Dots Bunnies and Chicks >>> Nailbees

These cute and easy Easter nail art designs are perfect for celebrating the holiday, with pretty pastels, chicks, and bunnies you can't go wrong.
Nailbees uses nail vinyl for a lot of her designs which makes DIYing her own Easter nail art a breeze.

These nail stickers would be great filler for a tween or teen’s Easter baskets.

6. Peter Cottontail >>> Marce7ina

white polka-dotted coral nails with white easter bunny accent nails
Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin’ down the bunny trail, Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way. We love bright colors like this coral for Easter, so pretty!

7. Egg Hunt >>> LeMag Beaute

blue sky and cloud nails
How fun is this Easter egg hunt idea? A little more intricate as far as nail art designs go but still pretty easy nonetheless.

8. Robin’s Egg Mani >>> The Beauty Department

nails that look like spotted robins eggs
“So here’s a simple look that anyone can do no matter your skill level or work environment. It’s 2 super easy steps and a really subtle, wearable look.” – The Beauty Department

9. Malted Eggs >>> 10 Blank Canvas’s

Nails that look like spotted eggs
Much like the robin’s egg above, this malted Easter egg nail art is also super easy. All you need is a few different pastel colors for the base color and a brown for dotting.

10 more easy Easter nail art designs

What if I waited till the last minute?

Well here are some super cute ideas for those times as well.

While some of these nail art ideas are easy and some may take a little practice, they’re all sure to be the perfect finishing touch for your Easter Sunday outfit.

What are the best Easter colors for nails?

Typically pastels are the number one pick for the Easter holiday but we also love brights like coral or even classic neutrals that look great too.

No time to DIY? Here are some cute solutions that you can purchase inexpensively.

Even more fabulous nail art designs you don’t want to miss!