Bunny Pudding Cups | Classmate Treat Idea

by Melissa

At my daughter’s school we have to bring snacks once a month and then there are other extra parties for the holidays and most recently the 100 days of school party. Although the kids love the gummies and cheese crackers they can get a little monotonous and boring. This time we have decided to spice up our packaging a little and bring another kid favorite, pudding cups. Not just any pudding cups though, these are bunny pudding cups. For having a hoppy good time of course!

These super cute and easy bunny pudding cups make a great classmate treat. Great for Valentine or Easter!

Aren’t they super cute, and you just need a few supplies.

  • Pudding Cups
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B002PNR102″ locale=”US” tag=”thgisli03-20″]Wiggly Eyes[/easyazon_link]
  • White Paper (computer or construction)
  • White Paint Marker
  • Glue
  • Pom Pom (optional)

Bunny Pudding Cups

All we did to create these was to turn the cup upside down and glue on some wiggly eyes. Then we used the white paint marker and painted on his smile and whiskers. Lastly we cut out a nose (that we colored pink) and some ears (that we also colored the inside pink) and glued those on. You really can’t get any easier than that for a super cute “Some Bunny loves (or likes) You” snack. They¬†would be great for Valentine’s Day or Easter too. Of course we had to add a little extra special touch and glued on a cute little pink pom pom for his fluffy tail. (or her… maybe it’s a her, lol)

Bunny Pudding Cups

These snack pack pudding cups are a favorite in our house. We buy them by the large packs because that is how much they get ate around here. They are great for school lunches and my husband eats one every night religiously. I’m not even kidding, every night.





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Jan February 28, 2016 - 5:31 PM

Cite idea. Going to do this for my great grands. Thanks!

Trina and Tina March 24, 2016 - 8:15 AM

Adorable! These beat gummies and cheese any day! Totally inspired! Thanks!