Best DIY Mirror Designs

by Melissa



Best DIY Mirrors


You guys already know how I feel about diying everything so today I thought I would round up some of my favorite diy mirrors around the web. If you are looking to create a mirror of your own then you definitely don’t want to miss these.

Vintage Tennis Racket Mirrors

Check out this sunburst mirror made from poster board. Is that not awesome?

poster board starburst mirror

Poster Board Sunburst Mirror

Rope Mirror

I also really love these plastic spoons mirrors. They look like chrysanthemums.

plastic spoon mirror

Plastic Spoons Mirror

DIY Trumeau Floor Mirror

Wood Shim Mirror

Another awesome sunburst mirror made from wood shims.

There are so many fabulous projects made from wood shims too.

wood shim starburst mirror

Wood Shim Sunburst Mirror

Knock Off Ballard Garden Mirrors

Lastly but definitely not least you can never go wrong when you can pull together a gorgeous mirror like this for $15. Am I right?

$15 framed mirror

$15 Wood Framed Mirror

What is your favorite DIY mirror design?


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