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Easy Fall Classroom Door Ideas

Fall classroom door ideas welcome in the season and engage your students with festive decorations, seasonal themes, and DIY designs for a warm and inviting learning environment.

Looking for some creative inspiration for your classroom door ideas for fall?

Give one of these fun and simple themes, including pumpkins, apples, scarecrows, and more that your classroom kids will love a try.

Putting up fun classroom door decorations creates that welcoming environment that all children look for when they go to school and of course that the parents appreciate.

Not only does it provide that environment but also stimulates their imaginations, especially when they get to be a part of the decorating. 

So whether you are an elementary teacher, Sunday school teacher, or a homeschool parent we hope one of these ideas will be just what you have been looking for.

Why you'll love these classroom door decoration ideas

  • Seasonal Aesthetics: Fall is a beautiful season characterized by warm and cozy colors, falling leaves, pumpkins, and other autumn-themed decorations. Incorporating these elements into your classroom door decor can instantly make your space feel more inviting and visually appealing.

  • Engaging and Educational: Fall classroom door ideas can be educational too. You can use them to teach students about the changing seasons, the science behind fall foliage, or even cultural celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's a fun and interactive way to enhance their learning experience.

  • Mood Enhancement: Fall is often associated with feelings of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. Decorating your classroom door with fall-themed ideas can contribute to a positive atmosphere, potentially boosting students' moods and motivation to learn.

  • Seasonal Change: Changing your classroom door decor with the seasons can help keep your classroom environment fresh and exciting. It can also signal to students that you are adaptable and open to change, setting a positive example for them.

Decorating supplies you might need for these fall classroom doors.

Cute Fall Classroom Door Ideas your Kids will Love!!

1. Charlie Brown, The Great Pumpkin Classroom Door Idea
Via Pinterest

Shop this Charlie Brown cutout for making the "It's the Great Pumpkin" classroom door.


2. "Tree"-Mendous Fall Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

We love this "TREE" mendous idea for a classroom door. You could even change out the apples for fall leaves. FUN!

3. Welcome to our Patch Classroom Door Idea
Via Pinterest

Welcome to our Patch! This sweet little scarecrow is perfect for a fall classroom door decoration.

4. Whole Latte Learning
Via Pinterest

There is a whole "Latte" learning happening in this classroom. Such a cute idea, you could even let the kids decorate their own fall drinks and add them to the door.

Want little latte cups for the above classroom door idea? These would be super cute.


5. School is a bushel of fun fall classroom door idea
Via Pinterest

School is a bushel of fun! Apple's say fall time for me which makes this little door so sweet. I also like that they added pictures to some of them. You could do an apple unit study and take pictures for your basket.

6. Sweet as Pumpkin Pie Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

I mean who doesn't love a good pumpkin pie? I love that the kids got to get involved and make the pies to put on the door.

7. Scarecrow Fall Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

Scarecrows make a sweet yet not scary way to decorate a door for fall and can even leave it up for Halloween and Thanksgiving if you want. I like how they incorporated the whole door including the outside to make this one.

8. Apple-solute the Best
Via Pinterest

Our class is apple-solutely the best classroom door idea. Another great idea is to let the kids get involved with adding to the door themselves.

9. Happy Fall Y'all Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

Happy Fall Y'all! Love these little boy and girl cutouts, perfect for a preschool classroom.

10. Poppin Into Fall Door
Via Pinterest

Fall doesn't necessarily mean you have to decorate with pumpkins or fall leaves. How about using ears of corn for a fun fall classroom door idea? I think it would even be fun to add some popped popcorn as well.

11. Where the Seeds of Knowledge Grow Fall Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

Another fun out of the box idea is these sunflowers and adding the names of the classroom kids on different seeds. Fun!

12. Fall is a Hoot Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

Fall is a hoot! An autumn tree with colorful owls decorates this door.

13. Thankful for each other fallClassroom Door
Via Pinterest

We are thankful for each of you! This would be perfect for Thanksgiving but would work all fall long too. You could even write on the falling leaves different things the children are thankful for.

14. Teaches the Smartest Pumpkins in the Patch
Via Pinterest

I love this idea with the sweet little pumpkins at the bottom.

15. Teaches the Smartest Pumpkins in the Patch
Via Mrs Lee's Kinder Kids

Want a different way to do an owl theme? What about this Look who's in our room. Each child could decorate their own owl. So cute!

16. Hello Fall Classroom Door Idea
Via Pinterest

I think this has got to be one of these sweetest little pumpkins. You could make it 3D by adding in some pillow filler.

17. Fall in love with Reading Classroom Door
Via Pinterest

I mean who doesn't love the iconic red truck for this time of year? So cute!

18. Welcome Fall Door
Via Pinterest

I love these happy little pumpkins and they are definitely a welcome sight to see for all the kids when they arrive every day during the fall season.

19. Class is unbe-LEAF-able
Via Pinterest

Pre-K is unbe-LEAF-able! A cute and clever idea that could be easily changed up for any classroom such as Kindergarten, 1st grade, etc.

20. Fall in love with learning Door
Via Pinterest

I feel like this is a classic but one that should be used year after year. Simple and fun!

21. Who's in the Pumpkin Patch
Via Pinterest

Want to personalize your door? Add pictures of the kids to pumpkins to add to your pumpkin patch.

22. Welcome y'all it's a fall classroom door ideas
Via Pinterest

Welcome, ya'll it's fall! Fun, simple, and sweet... you can't go wrong with this fall classroom door.

Your door doesn't have to be all created from scratch, there are tons of pre-cut and ready-made decorations you can purchase.

These fall borders are perfect for use with fall classroom doors.

Fall Borders for Bulletin Boards (or classroom doors)

collage of fall borders for bulletin boards

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