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DIY Pieced Wood Artwork

This pieced wood art was inspired by a higher end piece. Find out how it was created for the price of the taxes on the expensive piece alone.

I found a inspiration piece of Pottery Barn artwork that I love but it has a hefty $399 dollar price tag. I might could talk my husband into a piece of fine art for that price but never in a million years would he let me justify the pieced wood artwork at $400. 

I knew it would be an easy DIY because I mean really, it’s pieced together wood. It took us less than a day to have it started and completed, stained and all.

Here is the inspiration piece.
There are only a few things I didn’t like about the inspiration piece and of course #1 being the price.  I also didn’t care for the red or black in this piece because I decorate more with blue, yellow, green, and brown.
So what do we do when it doesn’t fit your budget or quite your taste either. You BIY! That is you build it yourself of course. 🙂
It costed right around $30 for all the materials, which was about 4 – 1x3x8 boards and a piece of 2’x4′ precut plywood. We basically spent what it would cost in taxes for the inspiration piece. No brainer!
I started off by getting it all marked off the way I wanted them, then I proceeded to stain them and put them back together in a completely different order. Go figure!! So if you are thinking about making this yourself I suggest staining the wood then cutting to the size you need as you place the pieces on the board.
DIY: Pieced Wood Artwork {PB Inspired}
DIY: Pieced Wood Artwork {PB Inspired}
I stained the brown and greyish pieces with Minwax stain. The brown color is English Chestnut and the grey color is Weathered Oak. The color pieces (yellow, blue and green) where painted with a paint wash. If you want to know how to do that then check out my post on washing with acrylics.
DIY: Pieced Wood Artwork {PB Inspired}
DIY: Pieced Wood Artwork {PB Inspired}

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