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Easter Mason Jar Gift Ideas

I love mason jars. There are so many different things you can do with them. You can paint them and turn them into jars that hold all your sharpies [anyone else have a sharpie obsession?], a flower vase or make them into gifts in a jar too. So many endless possibilities that doesn’t even include what they are intended for, which is canning goods by the way. I thought I would show you 8 of my favorite ways they are used for Easter. So many great mason jar gift ideas from lots of talented bloggers.


If you are looking for some fun gift ideas for Easter check out these fun mason jar ones.


Gather your supplies and make this super easy and inexpensive Easter gift in a jar. Great gift idea for your kids, neighbors, teachers and more.

Bunny Cottontails


Carrot Inspired Mason Jar


Easter Character Mason Jars


Easter Bunny S’mores In A Jar


Mason Jar Vase and Frame


Mason Jar Easter Baskets


Painted Easter Jars


Mason Jar Easter Chick

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