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Graduation Treat Idea: Lil Grads!

Here is a fun, creative & yummy way to celebrate your kid's graduation with this adorable graduation treat idea.

This Lil grad with his graduation cap will surely be a hit with all the young grads in your life.

Graduation treat made from applesauce with an attached craft that looks like a graduation hat.

It is that time of year! We are in countdown mode here with just a few more days to go.

"Whoop Whoop", says my daughter. 

Whether they are graduating from preschool, kindergarten or even elementary school as a whole create these fun treats for the win.

What you will need for this graduation treat.

  • Apple Sauce, Pudding, or Fruit Cups
  • Wiggly Eyes
  • Construction Paper (Black or your school's colors)
  • Twine / String
  • Furniture Button
  • Sharpie

Instructions for Lil grad, the graduation treat idea for primary school

  1. Glue on the wiggly eyes to your cup. We used applesauce cups but you could use pudding cups or fruit cups. Whatever fits best for your kids' classroom.

  2. Cut out a square piece of construction paper. We made classic black graduation caps but you can choose whatever colors work for you.

  3. Color a furniture button with a black sharpie and glue it to the top of your "cap."

  4. Create the tassel using two strings of twine. Fold one piece of twine in half and use the other to tie in a knot creating the hanger part.

  5. Hang the tassel on the button and glue it down if needed.

Create these little grads using apple sauce, pudding or fruit cups. So cute for your elementary kids graduations.

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