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Paper Plate Dinosaurs - You are Dino-mite Valentine Craft

Create a Stegosaurus or Apatosaurus paper plate dinosaur craft with your kids this Valentine's Day. A super cute and simple craft for everyone to enjoy.

Create a Stegosaurus or Apatosaurus paper plate dinosaur craft with your kids this Valentine's Day. Super cute and simple craft for everyone to enjoy.

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In today's crafting with kids post, we are making a super cute paper plate dinosaur craft.

These require very little in the way of supplies and are a whole lot of fun to make for everyone.

All you need is 1 paper plate per dinosaur and some paint. Yep, that's it! Oh, and if you wanted wiggly eyes, those too.

The daughter and I painted ours for Valentine's Day but you, of course, could choose any color of the rainbow.

I added a couple of photos to show you how we cut the dinosaur paper plates for each one.

Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft Instructions

What you will need:

Paper plates (preferably ones with ribbed edging)
• Glue
Googly eyes
• Paintbrush and paint
Round Sponge Brushes

How to make the Stegosaurus!

The first part is to cut the paper plate in half.

One half is the body and the other half will be used to create the rest of the dinosaur pieces.

Cut around the outside of one half and use the part with the ripples to make the dinosaurs plates.

Then you can use the leftover to cut out the head, tail, and feet.

The picture below will show you the cuts we made for the stegosaurus.


How to make the Apatosaurus!

(or when I was little he was called the Brontosaurus I believe)|

Like the Stegosaurus, the apatosaurus starts out with the paper plate cut in half.

One half is the body and the other half is used for the rest of the dinosaur.

We cut the edging of the plate for the neck and tail and used the leftover for the head and legs.

Once again, the picture below shows how we cut them out.

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

These were so fun to make. You could paint them any colors you liked the best and do other dinosaurs as well.

A T-rex paper plate dinosaur craft would be super cute too.


Check out these other awesome paper plate dinosaur ideas.

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"You can easily make these into face puppets as well by creating holes for eyes and tying a string around or adding a popsicle stick at the bottom." - Simply Today Life

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Paper Plate Dragons
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Here’s an activity for all the dinosaur-loving kids out there. These paper plate-a-sauruses are based on the real species and all feature a colorful paper plate body with a paper cut-out head, legs, and tail. They can help kids learn the real names of the dinosaurs and also have a fun, messy art and craft element to them. - Learn with Play at Home

These crafts can also be paired with some super cute dinosaur books. Would be great for a homeschool unit study. 

No time to DIY? Check out these fun dinosaur crafts you can purchase online.

These would work great as simple Valentine's Day gifts.

Even more paper plate crafts you don't want to miss!

Want to print or save the material's list and instructions for this paper plate dinosaur craft?

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Paper Plate Dinosaur

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Lauren Price

Thursday 11th of February 2016

These are cute and easy. Great idea to keep the kids busy while teaching them. Thank you for posting!

Pinterest Addicted

Thursday 5th of February 2015

This is a fabulous idea! I am a student teacher currently and my mentor teacher asked me to look around for Valentines craft projects for the kiddos. Thanks for the post, pinned it!


Saturday 31st of January 2015

These are super cute!! Perfect for a class project or some quiet time at home. Pinned!

Just Plain Marie

Wednesday 21st of January 2015

Oh, I have a little dinosaur fan who will love making these for his friends.

Melissa Coleman

Thursday 22nd of January 2015

:) We love dinosaurs in our house too.

Kelly Hedgespeth of Simply Kelly Designs

Tuesday 20th of January 2015

These are so cute!!!! Definitely going to have my kids make some of these! Thanks for sharing. Pinning!

Melissa Coleman

Tuesday 20th of January 2015

Thanks Kelly! My daughter had a lot of fun making them and the best part is all you need is some paper plates, glue and paint (or even crayons really).