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24 Days of Thanks and Giving

Every year, starting on November 1st all the way up to Thanksgiving we like to do 24 days of thanks and giving.

A fun way to do something every day that reminds us to be thankful for all the blessings in our lifes, whether big or small.

Hero image of the 24 days of thanks and giving printable

When it comes to creating kindness inside your home, gratitude is always the key.

There is no more perfect time to get out there and show some thanks and reflect on what we are so grateful for but during the month of November.

So if you and your family are counting down to winter break these 24 days of thanks will not only help your kids reflect on the spirit of the season, but also show them just how much there is to be thankful for this time of year

24 Days of Thanks & Giving

As the month goes along and you complete the tasks, color in the feather and your little turkey will be ready to show off just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

How can I be Thankful in November?

  1. Give a family member a hug.
  2. Donate items to a family in need.
  3. Draw a picture of a favorite family memory.
  4. Read a book about gratitude. (see below for our favorite book recommendations)
  5. Bake cookies for the nurses at a local hospital.
  6. What is a place you are thankful for? (Go for a visit if possible)
  7. Ask a friend what they are thankful for today.
  8. Make a collage of things you are thankful for.
  9. Offer to help with a chore you don’t normally do.
  10. Tell a policeman (or any first responder) you are thankful for their service.
  11. Write down 3 things each family member is good at.
  12. Take a walk around your neighborhood. What are your favorite sights and sounds?
  13. Call a friend and let them know you are thankful for their friendship.
  14. Send thank you letters to soldiers.
  15. Leave drinks and snacks for your mail carrier & delivery people.
  16. Take a neighbor’s garbage cans to the road on trash day.
  17. Bring snacks to the firefighters at your local station. (or other first responders)
  18. Fill a bag with trash picked up from your neighborhood.
  19. Volunteer at an animal shelter. (If you don’t have time to volunteer then bring in some donations)
  20. What are 3 things you love about yourself?
  21. Share something that made you smile today with a friend.
  22. Give someone a genuine compliment.
  23. Write a thank you note to a teacher.
  24. Start a gratitude journal.

Ready to print your turkey? Get the download here!