Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

by Melissa

Easter is quickly approaching and we are all trying to finalize our plans.

My biggest issue is the older our kiddos get the more difficult it is to figure out what to put in those baskets.

So today I thought I would share with you some fun things to put in a Easter basket for teen boys.

You're never too old for Easter and we have some great ideas for an Easter basket for teen boys including everyday essentials and a few fun extras.

Easter baskets are a big part of our Easter day tradition and we never want to leave anyone out when it comes to basket ideas for parents with teens.

Plus, the reality is you’re never too old for an Easter Basket and even the teens love to get something fun for the holiday.

But, they are getting older and chalkboard eggs and bubbles shaped like a bunny aren’t going to cut it anymore.

So let’s get right to the best Easter gifts you can give to a teenage boy, shall we?

Easter Basket for Teen Boys

Everyday Accessories

  • A New Wallet
  • Wireless Headphone
  • Candy, jerky, or their favorite snacks
  • Sports Socks
  • Gift Cards (restaurant, gas station, iTunes, etc)
  • Men’s Body Spray
  • A New Watch
  • Graphic Tees
  • ChapStick
  • Baseball Cap (makes a good Easter “basket” when turned upside down)
  • Razors (or other practical gifts that all teenagers need)

Summertime Accessories for Boys

Easter shows up at just the right time to stock up on summer essentials. So of course, those would be great ideas to add to your Easter basket for teen boys.

Gifts for the teenage driver

If your teenage sons are at the driving age then there is a whole extra slew of stuff you could add to their Easter basket.

A Few Fun Extras

The beauty of putting together a themed Easter basket (such as for a teenage driver, summertime fun, etc) is that it can get your brain focused on one thing and the ideas start to come to you.

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