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Easy & Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

No matter what the age, your kids are going to love making these super cute and adorable penguin crafts.

Collage of Easy Penguin Crafts for Kids
These top penguin crafts are great for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages!

These crafts couldn't be any easier to prep and assemble using items such as paper rolls, craft sticks, cupcake liners, and more.

They are perfect for zoo camps, school art projects, simple fun at home, or wrapping up a homeschool unit on African animals.

Before the kids get started with one of these incredibly fun crafts here are some really neat and interesting penguin facts to enjoy with your kids.

Learn about where they live, which ones are the tallest, shortest, and much more.

Fun Facts about Penguins!

  • Penguins are flightless birds.
  • No penguins live at the North Pole.
  • Penguins can drink seawater.
  • The Emperor Penguin is the tallest of all penguin species, reaching as tall as 47 inches in height.
  • Emperor Penguins can stay underwater for around 20 minutes at a time.
  • Little Blue Penguins are the smallest type of penguin, averaging around 13 inches in height.
  • Penguins in Antarctica have no land-based predators.

Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids to Make

Paper Roll Penguin Craft
Ma's and Pa's

"Don’t throw away those toilet rolls! In a few minutes, your child can transform a humble paper roll into one of these utterly adorable rockhopper penguins. Enjoy this fab penguin craft for kids." - Ma's and Pa's

Paper Plate Penguin
Our Potluck Family

"Follow these step-by-step directions to make a Paper Plate Penguin, a great craft project for preschool-age children learning about animals." - Our Potluck Family

Paper Penguin Craft
Simple Mom Project

"This super cute and easy DIY Penguin art project is great for a simple classroom craft to be shared among students or can be done at home with your kids." - Simple Mom Project

Easy Origami Penguin Craft
Artsy Craftsy Mom

"Penguins live in the Southern hemisphere, but you can bring them to your home! Here is an easy Origami Penguin Craft, with a step-by-step tutorial to help." - Artsy Craftsy Mom

Plastic Spoon Penguin Craft
I Heart Crafty Things

"It's a little unconventional crafting with plastic spoons, I know, but they are simply perfect for making these cute penguin puppets." -Plastic Spoon Penguin Craft

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft
The Joy of Sharing

"Quick & easy penguin craft for preschoolers. A perfect activity for winter theme projects for kids at preschool and kindergarten." - The Joy of Sharing

Foot Print Penguin
Moments of Mommyhood

This penguin art makes a wonderful keepsake with your child's footprint. Kids will have a blast having their feet painted, and you'll both love the little penguin art it creates.

Egg Carton Penguin Craft
Net Mums

These egg carton penguins are such a fun craft to make with the kids! Don't they look adorable?! 

Paper Cup Penguin Craft
The Seasoned Mom

If you're looking for a craft to keep your kids occupied these paper cup penguins are super fun to make! 

Paper Bag Penguin Craft
I Heart Crafty Things

"The stuffing in the paper bag helps it to sit upright so the craft is a fun one to put on display on a shelf or mantel all winter long." - I Heart Crafty Things

No-Sew Sock Penguin Craft
Easy Peasy and Fun

Learn how to make a little stuffed penguin from a recycled sock following this tutorial.

DIY Pine Cone Penguin Craft
Hello Wonderful

"These adorable arctic creatures will add cute cheer to your Christmas tree this year and require just a few basic materials to make." - Hello Wonderful

Cupcake Liner Penguin Craft
Crafts on Sea

Isn't this cupcake liner craft adorable? You could even use an extra liner and makes some wings. So cute!

Aren’t all these penguin crafts super cute and creative?

After creating one of these fun crafts a perfect follow-up activity is reading some books about penguins.

Check out these awesome ones we recommend!

If you’d like to try some more fun animal-themed crafts be sure to check out our Zoo Animals Landing Page (coming soon) which includes monkeysgiraffes, pandashippos, and more!