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Labor Day Crafts for Preschoolers

These Labor Day Crafts for Preschoolers are a great way to teach all about what Labor Day is and why we celebrate this national holiday on the first weekend in September.

These fun crafts are a perfect way for your littles to grasp the understanding of a healthy work ethic for the future while also doing something they find exciting and fun.

Collage of Labor Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Why do we celebrate Labor Day?

What is labor day and why do we celebrate it? Labor Day is a national holiday here in the United States. It is observed every year on the first Monday in September and is the annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers.

Labor Day came into existence and has roots in the 19th-century large-scale labor movement. Labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the long and hard hours and contributions workers made to America's prosperity and strength.

During the 19th century, these average everyday laborers were often mistreated and worked backbreaking hours seven days a week in awful conditions just to make a very meager wage.

We celebrate this holiday today not to forget about these happenings during that time but to honor our hardworking Americans.

Fun Facts about Labor Day

  • Labor Day is said to be the third most popular day in the United States for grilling. Number one is the Fourth of July and number two is Memorial Day.
  • Labor Day is considered the end of hot dog season.
  • Around 150 million people have jobs and work in the United States. Around 7.2 million of them are school teachers.
  • Many other countries celebrate Labor Day on May 1st. It's the same day as May Day and is called International Worker's Day.
  • The first Labor Day parade was in protest of poor working conditions and long 16-hour work days.

How do I explain Labor Day to my child?

The thing about Labor Day is that it is so much more than barbecues and last minutes vacations. It is the perfect time to talk to your kids about an important federal holiday. 

So whether you are attending a parade, entertaining family and friends at a BBQ, or taking in those last few free days of summer this is a great time to teach them the true meaning of the day. 

  • Teach them the history behind how this holiday came about.
  • Relate the past to the present so they can grasp a better understanding.
  • Tell them about your job and all the hard work you put in.
  • Teach them about other career options they might be interested in having in the future.
  • Create one of these fun Labor Day Crafts for Kids!

Labor Day Crafts for Preschoolers