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Easy Monkey Crafts for Kids

Today we are sharing a wide variety of easy and fun monkey crafts for kids of all ages. 

Building these cute monkey crafts is a great way to spend quality time getting creative with your little ones.

Collage of easy monkey crafts for kids
We love these monkey crafts for kids, they are some of the best!

Aren’t monkeys marvelous and fascinating?!

If your kids like monkeys as much as we do, they're going to love all of these cool and adorable craft ideas.

They are perfect for zoo camps, school art projects, simple fun at home, or wrapping up a homeschool unit on African animals.

Before the kids get started with one of these fun crafts here are some really neat and interesting monkey facts to enjoy with your kids.

Learn about how many species of monkeys there are, what a group of monkeys is called, and much more.

Fun Facts about Monkeys!

  • There are currently 264 known monkey species.
  • Some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees.
  • Groups of monkeys are known as a ‘tribe’, ‘troop’ or ‘mission’.
  • Though small, pygmy marmosets can leap 15 feet into the air.
  • A howler monkey's howl can travel three miles through dense rainforest.
  • Apes, gibbons, lemurs, and chimpanzees are not scientifically classified as monkeys.
  • The largest monkey in the world is the male mandrill. It is almost 3.3 feet long and weighs about 77 pounds.

Mischievous and Cute Monkey Crafts for Kids to Make

Tissue Paper Monkey Craft
Living Well Mom

"Our tissue paper monkey also has an added feature, because of the way it’s made it makes him fuzzy too. Great for the sense of touch for the little ones!" - Living Well Mom

Monkey Made from Recycled K-Cup
Artsy Momma

"Are you ready to recycle these cute little k cups to transform them into a silly monkey?" - Artsy Momma

M is for Monkey Craft
Artsy Craftsy Mom

"Make this adorable M for Monkey Craft using our Printable Template that’s perfect for a jungle-themed party, or some inspiration for Year of the Monkey and Chinese New Year, or your child just loves monkeys or when learning the letter M." - Artsy Craftsy Mom

Monkey Toilet Paper Roll Craft
Little Bins for Little Hands

"Make a super cute monkey craft with a toilet paper roll! Use the free template to make a troop of monkeys." - Little Bins for Little Hands

Curious George Inspired Paper Plate Craft
Smashed Peas and Carrots

"These little Paper Plate Monkey Faces are so easy and great for fine motor skill development with all the cutting work." - Smashed Peas and Carrots

Monkey Hand Print Craft
Crafty Morning

Make a Handprint Monkey swinging on a vine craft with your baby, toddler, preschooler, or older!

Paper Bag Monkey Craft
The Inspirational Edit

"Today we have a DIY paper bag Monkey craft or puppet tutorial with a free downloadable template. Making this craft is super easy and fun and is a great zoo animal craft for preschool and kindergarten-aged kids." - The Inspirational Edit

Pipe Cleaner Monkey Craft
Frugal Fun 4 Boys

"Grab some pipe cleaners and some wooden beads and transform them into a cute pose-able monkey.  The monkey can even hang onto a pencil!" - Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Footprint Monkey Craft
Fun Handprint Art Blog

"Isn’t this footprint monkey craft adorable? He’s standing next to a fingerprint palm tree at the beach. This footprint craft is suitable for toddlers and older, but it could easily be made with a baby’s footprint too. It would be perfect for a jungle-themed nursery!" - Fun Handprint Art Blog

Monkey Corner Bookmark
Red Ted Art

This cute little monkey makes a perfect photo corner and it's a super cute bookmark. 

Aren’t all these monkey crafts super cute?

After creating one of these fun crafts a perfect follow-up activity is reading some books about monkeys.

Check out these awesome ones we recommend!

If you’d like to try some more fun animal-themed crafts be sure to check out our Zoo Animals Landing Page (coming soon) which will include giraffes, penguins, pandas, zebras, and more!