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Easy Panda Crafts for Kids to Make

If you’re looking for the cutest and easy panda crafts for kids you have come to the right place!

There is just something adorable about these cute pandas and their sweet faces.

Collage of Panda Crafts for Kids
Check out all these great panda craft ideas! So Cute!

You’ll find fun panda ideas for kids of all ages.

These crafts are perfect for zoo camps, school art projects, simple fun at home, or wrapping up a homeschool unit.

Before the kids get started with one of these creative crafts here are some really neat and interesting panda facts to enjoy with your kids.

Learn about what they eat, what the babies look like when born, whether they hibernate or not, and much more.

Fun Facts about Pandas!

  • These magnificent mammals are omnivores. Bamboo counts for 99 percent of their diet.
  • Pandas are BIG eaters – every day they fill their tummies for up to 12 hours.
  • Scientists aren’t sure how long pandas live in the wild, but in captivity, they live to be around 30 years old.
  • Baby pandas are born pink and measure about 15cm – that’s about the size of a pencil!
  • Female pandas give birth to one or two cubs every two years. Cubs stay with their mothers for 18 months before venturing off on their own!
  • Unlike most other bears, pandas do not hibernate. 

Cutest Panda Crafts for Kids to Make

Popsicle Stick Panda Craft
Glued to My Crafts

“Today’s kid’s craft tutorial is an adorable panda bear eating bamboo! ….learn how to make these popsicle stick panda bear puppets come to life with simple art materials & steps!” – Glued to My Crafts

Fork Print Panda Craft
Ma’s and Pa’s

“Make the cutest panda bears with your toddlers or preschoolers! All you need is paint and a fork to start the printing fun. We’ve made panda bears but you can use the same method to make shaggy lions, prickly hedgehogs, or furry monsters. Enjoy the fork painting fun.” – Ma’s and Pa’s

Paper Roll Panda Craft
Non-Toy Gifts

“Let’s grab a paper roll from the recycling bin or your craft room and turn it into a paper roll panda craft. Pandas are cute animals and although they are big, they look so cuddly.” – Non-Toy Gifts

Paper Plate Panda Mask
Kix Cereal

Kids can make a panda mask with a paper plate and simple supplies from the craft cupboard. And it’s fun to wear, too!

Paper Plate Panda
I Heart Crafty Things

“Grab our free pattern template and some simple craft supplies and get ready for a fun time making this cute paper plate panda bear craft with your kids today!” – I Heart Crafty Things

3D Bobblehead Panda Craft
Arty Crafty Kids

“This Panda’s head will wobble and spring, with a personality that pops from the page. This interactive papercraft is super fun to make and comes with a printable template of simple shapes to encourage Arty Crafty Kids to practice their cutting and tracing skills.” – Arty Crafty Kids

Egg Carton Panda
Patchwork Parent

This is an adorable panda you can make out of an egg carton. It’s holding a super cute bamboo stick.

Paper Bag Panda Puppet
Be the Best Nanny

Create your own panda pal and make it talk! A fun craft for your panda-themed day.

Foot Print Panda Craft
The Pinterested Parent

This is a super simple craft that even the youngest tot can do. All that is required is paper, paint, and your tot’s tiny toes.

Aren’t all these playful panda crafts for kids super cute?

After creating one of these fun crafts a perfect follow-up activity is reading some books about pandas.

Check out these awesome ones we recommend!

If you’d like to try some more fun animal-themed crafts be sure to check out our Zoo Animals Landing Page (Coming Soon) which includes monkeysgiraffes, penguins, hippos, and more!