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Looking for some new Valentine decor to go with your already established Farmhouse look? Shop these favorites in Farmhouse Valentine Decor.

Farmhouse Valentine Decor

I know that there are a LOT of us who enjoy our farmhouse decor. So naturally we want to keep our holiday decor flowing in the same direction. Today I wanted to share with you some fun items you can bring into your home seamlessly for that Farmhouse Valentine Decor look. This post contains affiliate …

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With summer approaching with a quickness, an outdoor space will almost likely become your family’s favorite spot. I hope these spring patio decorating ideas will help you enjoy it even more.

Spring Patio Decorating Ideas

Spring has finally arrived. Just take a look around and you will find that every garden center and nursery is filled to the brim with colorful flowers, mulch and lawn decorations. The time has come to start gathering your spring patio decorating ideas. The weather here is gorgeous and we have been wanting to spend every …

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Organize all of your office papers and monthly bills with this diy mail organizer. Simple 30 minute project for approximately $1.25 per organizer.

DIY Mail Organizer

Hey guys! I hope y'all had a fantastic Easter. I know we had a great weekend and this week is Spring Break so we are excited about having some more time off too. Today though I am joining some more of my favorite bloggers again for another woodworking project. This one out of wood pallets. If you …

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Don't skip over the Thanksgiving holiday this year and get ready with these fun Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas.

Thanksgiving Home Decor

In a lot of homes, Thanksgiving can get overlooked for decorating because we are so focused on Halloween and then often go right into Christmas. I'm guilty of this because I don't have a lot of Thanksgiving specific decor. Well, today I wanted to share with you a few things you can do to get …

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Jazz up your home with this diy glitter vase, perfect for recycling old candle jars.

DIY Glitter Vase

I love me some glitter. It doesn't matter how old I get glitter will always be sparkly and fun. Although I will admit I don't like cleaning up the mess that it makes. Today though we are going to break out the glitter, lots of it, and make us a fun DIY glitter vase. This project is quick …

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How to make your own wooden arrows. These are super easy to make and can be made for less than $5.

DIY Wooden Arrows

Over the weekend I made me a wooden arrow to hang above the double doors that lead into the office. I used scrap materials so this project costed me a total of free. However, if you are wanting to make one of your own diy wooden arrows all you need is approximately 1 - 1 x 3 x 8 …

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Concrete is such a inexpensive media to use to create so many fun things. How about trying out one of this DIY concrete projects today.

DIY Concrete Projects

I have been all over Pinterest looking at some fun DIY projects we can drum up and I found so many cute things to make using concrete. If you have been wanting to tinker with a do-it-yourself project, especially for sprucing up your outdoor area, how about giving one of these fun DIY concrete projects …

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Create this simple DIY EAT sign with $10 and an hour of your time!


Last year I created this EAT sign and it worked perfectly for the area I needed it in. However, we moved and it just didn't fit like before so with a few dollars in wood (approximately $10) and maybe an hour in time to create I was all set with a new EAT sign.

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Easy Dresser Makeover

  I just finished completing my first project pretty in my daughter's room for this month. It was probably the most easiest makeover in the history of makeovers. haha! We found these cute knobs at Hobby Lobby and did a little knob switcheroo. Even though this "project" was super easy and took literally all of 15 …

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DIY Pieced Wood Artwork

     I found a inspiration piece of Pottery Barn artwork that I love but it has a hefty $399 dollar price tag. I might could talk my husband into a piece of fine art for that price but never in a million years would he let me justify the pieced wood artwork at $400.  I …

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