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Earth Day Books for Kids!

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about our great Earth for this upcoming Earth Day?

Here are the top Earth Day books for kids we are loving. 

Looking for a fun way to teach your kids about our great Earth for this upcoming Earth Day? Here are the top Earth Day books for kids we are loving.

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Your kids will love these inspiring books for a better planet.

Top Earth Day Books for Kids!


“Join Pinkalicious as she turns an ordinary place into an Emeraldalicious world! Kids will love this colorful picture book with a message about doing our part to keep our world clean and beautiful!”

Michael Recycle

“Just in time for Earth Day on April 22, Michael Recycle tells the adventures of a young superhero whose power allows him to teach people about recycling.”

What If Everybody Did That?

“If you drop just one soda can out the window, it’s no big deal … right? But what if everybody did that? What if everybody broke the rules”

Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day

“Being green is important to Nancy—so important that she wants her family to take care of the Earth morning, noon, and night!”

I can save the Earth!

“Little Green Books will educate children on what they can do to be more eco-friendly. The books in this line will be made from recycled materials, and the storylines will cover subjects such as improving the environment, learning about endangered animals, recycling, and much more.”

Robin Hill School: Earth Day

“The kids in Mrs. Connor’s class are celebrating Earth Day, and everyone has lots of ideas on how to save the Earth…except Emma. Emma is worried that her ideas are not good enough.”

10 things I can do to help my world

“Do you remember to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth? How about using both sides of the paper when writing and drawing? Or planting seeds and nurturing the new plants as they grow?”

The Earth Day

“With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitivity, Todd Parr explores the important, timely subject of environmental protection and conservation in this eco-friendly picture book.”

Biscuit’s Earth Day Celebration

“Join Biscuit as he helps take care of our green world. From planting seeds to cleaning up, Biscuit’s celebration is an exciting adventure for Earth Day and for every day!”

Think Green, Think Green

“Why not throw an ice cream wrapper on the ground or a soda can on the beach? One young lad finds out that there is a new plan in play – keeping our earth and environment clean.”

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