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Fall Preschool Activities

Fall is always such an exciting time of year for the littles. They get super excited about all the changes going on outside and of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon.

If you are looking for fall preschool activities you can do in your classroom, homeschool classroom, or just at home then look no further this list is packed full of fun.

Get ready to dive into a season of creativity, exploration, and laughter as we explore a cornucopia of ideas to make this fall a memorable and educational experience for your little ones.

Let the crisp air and the warm colors of fall inspire a season of growth and joy in your preschool setting!

Fun and Creative Fall Preschool Activities

01 | Apple Stamping Activity

The best part about fall is the apples are finally in season. If you can spare one of them for art, try this simple apple stamping craft with your kids.

Kids Activity: Apple Stamping

02 | Fall Handprint Wreath

Create a darling keepsake with kids with this Fall Handprint Wreath. Such a fun art activity for kids.

Fall Hand Print Wreath

03 | Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Learn how to make this super easy and quick popsicle stick scarecrow craft for kids. The perfect non-scary fall craft.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Magnet

04 | Preschool Leaf Rubbings

Via Mrs. Plemons Kindergarten

Make sure you do your rubbing on a flat, hard surface, so the leaves won't slide around and the leaves' shapes will appear more distinct on the paper.

05 | Pumpkin Salt Painting

Via Natural Beach Living

Toddlers, preschoolers, and kids of all ages will enjoy the salt painting technique used to create this raised watercolor Halloween pumpkin decoration.

06 | Leaf People Craft

Via My Mommy Style

"The leaves are changing outside and starting to fall from the trees. This craft is super fun and easy to put together. Go for a walk around the park or your neighborhood and gather colorful leaves of all shapes and sizes to make some adorable leaf people." - My Mommy Style

07 | Bubble Wrap Autumn Tree Craft

Via Arty Crafty Kids

Kids will love trading in their paintbrushes and using bubble wrap to paint the leaves on this fall tree kid craft.

08 | Pumpkin Sun Catcher Fall Craft

Via Fantastic Fun and Learning

Make these delightful pumpkin sun catchers brighten up your room for autumn.

09 | Apple Scented Playdough

Via Messy Little Monster

Try this yummy apple-scented playdough recipe this fall. Making apple playdough is easy and is great fun for early learning activities.

10 | Fall Leaf Hunt Activity

Via This Little Home of Mine

"This Fall Leaf Hunt is the perfect activity for teaching your preschooler how to gather and sort items of a different color!" - This Little Home of Mine

11 | Salt Crystal Leaves: Fall STEM Activity

Via Living Well Mom

Learn about ionic bonds in this fun salt crystal leaves science experiment.

12 | Pumpkin LEGO Painting

Via Every Little Adventure

Great Pumpkin idea for Lego lovers!

13 | Fizzing Apple Art

Via Fun Littles

What child doesn't like to make things fizz and bubble?! Such a super fun combo of art and science for fall! 

14 | Corn Cob Craft Painting for Kids

Via Natural Beach Living

Fall and Thanksgiving time is the perfect time to do some corn cob painting. This great kids' activity is fun for the kids and can be fun for you too.