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Fox in Socks Dr. Seuss Kid Crafts

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Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday and Read Across America day with one of these cute and creative Fox In Socks craft ideas.

Both incredibly easy activities for even the youngest creators and toddlers.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss with one of these cute and creative Fox In Socks craft ideas. Both incredibly easy for even the youngest creators. #FoxInSocks #DrSuessCrafts #FoxInSocksCrafts #FoxInSocksDrSeuss
What I love the most about these two storybook inspired crafts is that they require minimal supplies.

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I love a good book and have read many times upwards of 50+ books a year.

I am definitely happy to say I have passed on that love of reading to my daughter.

I bet you can guess that some of her favorite books are Dr. Seuss’s classic ones.

Who doesn’t love a good Dr. Seuss book right?

If you are a Seuss fan then you probably already know his birthday is right around the corner, March 2nd to be exact.

So we thought we would make and share some of our favorite crafts to go along with the books.

Have you ever heard of and/or read Fox in Socks?

All of Dr. Seuss’s books can be tongue twisters but especially this one.

It gives us the giggles with all the wacky words like the fox, box, socks, and Knox.

Definitely hard to keep from getting tongue-tied in this children’s book.

If you haven’t read Fox in Socks then definitely check out the book and afterward have some fun making this handprint and paper plate craft with your kiddos.



Supplies you will need:

  • Orange, Light Blue, Black, and White Acrylic Paint
  • Sponge Brush / Regular Paintbrush
  • White printer or stock paper

How to make a Fox in Socks Handprint Craft!

1. Paint your hand orange with the sponge brush and place it down on the paper in the top right-hand side.

Try to spread your thumb down to create the nose and then your fingers separated kind of like Spock (if you can) to create the ears. (see pictures below if you need guidance)

It doesn’t have to be perfect so just do the best you can.

2. Now paint your hand again with the orange and turn it around to create the body.

Your thumb will be the tail and your fingers spread apart will be the legs. (Again, use the photo for guidance if needed.)

3. Allow your paint to dry.

Once your body is dry you can paint on the blue socks.

4. Paint on large round white eyes with your white paint.

5. Lastly using the black, paint on the inner part of the eyes, a mouth and whatever extra touches you want to add.

We painted the inside of his ears, gave him some lashes and eyebrows and a few touches here and there.

In the book, the fox is very expressive and has large eyelashes.




Supplies you will need:

  • 1 Paper Plate
  • Orange and Black Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wiggly Eyes (optional)

Directions for making a Fox in Socks Paper Plate Craft

1. Paint your paper plate orange.

2. Cut the plate creating the foxes face.

3. Use the leftover plate to cut out the fox’s ears.

4. Attach the ears with glue to the back of the paper plate.

5. If you have wiggly eyes, attach them with glue. If you don’t want to buy wiggly eyes then you can, of course, use white and black paint to create his eyes.

6. Use the black paint to paint on the nose and eyebrows.

If you need guidance with any of the steps the pictures below should be of some help.


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Fox in Socks Dr. Seuss Kid Crafts

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