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Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

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This simple paper plate snow globe craft, including a printable template, is an adorable winter or holiday activity for kids at home or in the classroom.

Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft on a white and brown background.

Grab your crafting supplies and follow along with these easy instructions.

Supplies you will need for a paper plate snowglobe

How to Make a Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft!

Gather your paper plate, white embossed paper for the snow, blue construction paper for the background, and any color of your choice for the paper plate globe stand.

Print, trace and cut out the patterns from the selected papers.

Cut one-third or less of the paper plate to give it a snow globe look.

Assemble and stick the paper patterns on the paper plate with craft glue.

Gather your different colored felt fabrics for the snowman accessories, white paper for the snowman base, and cotton balls to fill the base.

Apply glue on the snowman base and fill it with white cotton. You can pull apart the cotton balls to spread them around.

Stick the felt accessories on the cotton snowman one by one using craft glue.

We freehanded the eyes and mouth out of black felt which is why they were not added to the template pattern.

Cut two rectangular arms out of brown construction paper and glue them to the back of the snowman.

When you are done crafting the snowman, glue it onto the paper plate snow globe to complete the craft.

This little craft also goes great with a fun read-along about snowmen.

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Paper Plate Snow Globe Craft

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