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Popsicle Stick Sunflower Craft

Easy and fun for all ages, this DIY popsicle stick sunflower craft lets you bring the beauty of nature into your crafting experience.

Learn how to paint, assemble, and add charming details to your sunflower creation.

Popsicle Stick Sunflower Craft on a white wooden background

Engage children in a fun and educational activity with this popsicle stick sunflower craft!

This hands-on project is not only simple and budget-friendly but also incorporates ways to get kids using their fine motor skills.

Whether you're at home, school, daycare, or summer camp, kids from preschool to elementary school age can enjoy creating this flower craft.

Let them explore while also discovering the fascinating world of sunflowers.

Why you'll love this craft stick sunflower post!

  • Embrace Creativity and Learning:

    Our sunflower craft isn't just about crafting; it's a fantastic opportunity for kids to explore the anatomy of sunflowers and where those yummy seeds come from. It's a hands-on way to spark their curiosity and expand their knowledge.

  • Budget-Friendly Fun:

    With just a few simple materials you can enjoy quality time without the fuss of complicated supplies.

  • Versatile for All Ages:

    Whether you're a teacher, a parent, or a caregiver, this craft adapts to various age groups. From preschoolers with a helping hand to elementary school champs crafting independently, everyone can get involved and enjoy the process.

  • Ideal for Any Setting:

    Whether it's a rainy day at home, a classroom setting, a bustling daycare, or the adventurous realm of summer camp, this craft seamlessly fits into various environments, bringing smiles and creative energy everywhere it goes.

  • Cherish the Results:

    The final masterpiece is not just a craft; it's a symbol of accomplishment and creativity. You'll treasure the sunflower creations and the memories they represent, making this craft truly heartwarming.

Materials you will need for making a popsicle stick sunflower craft

Easy Popsicle Stick Sunflower Craft

Gather all your supplies. Basecoat the front and sides of the jumbo craft sticks with yellow acrylic craft paint. Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

Once your sticks are dry, measure and cut 16 jumbo craft sticks in half with scissors.

Download and print the Sunflower Pattern, then cut out with scissors.

Trace the center of the Sunflower onto brown craft foam. Cut out with scissors making sure to cut inside the traced lines for a clean, finished project.

You could also use heavy weight colored cardstock or cardboard instead of craft foam for this project.

Starting at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, attach half craft sticks to the center of the Sunflower with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Add four additional craft sticks in between the original four.

TIP: You can use liquid craft glue for this project, but you will have to wait for it to dry.

Continue by gluing eight additional half craft sticks to the center of the Sunflower.

Fill in the remaining spaces with half craft sticks, until the Sunflower is full with petals.

Flip the completed Sunflower over and attach a variety of shapes and sizes of black buttons (or dark brown ones) with a glue gun a glue sticks.

If you do not have buttons, you could also use rhinestones, pom poms, small dots from a paper punch or just color them on.

Basecoat the front and sides of 2 jumbo craft sticks with light green acrylic craft paint. Set aside to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary.

Measure and cut one jumbo craft stick in half with scissors.

Attach the full jumbo craft stick to the back of the Sunflower for the stem, with a glue gun and glue sticks.

Glue the half craft stick Sunflower leaves to the stem.

(In the picture below the 2 green jumbo sticks have been painted on both sides so it looks like they are being glued on backwards. If you decide not to paint both sides be sure you glue the green face down.)

This is a fun activity to keep the kiddos busy with coloring, counting and motor skills. Make this super cute popsicle stick Sunflower craft in just about 30 minutes! 

Fun Facts about Sunflowers!

  1. Heliotropism: Sunflowers are known for their heliotropic behavior, which means they follow the movement of the sun across the sky. During the day, the heads of young sunflowers face east and gradually move west as the sun sets, only to repeat the process the next morning.

  2. Massive Flower Heads: Sunflowers can have impressively large flower heads. Some varieties can reach up to 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter or even larger, making them not only beautiful but also eye-catching in gardens and fields.

  3. Edible Seeds: Sunflower seeds are not only delicious snacks but also nutritious. They are rich in healthy fats, protein, fiber, and essential nutrients like vitamin E and selenium. These seeds are a popular choice for both human consumption and as bird feed.

  4. Cultural Significance: Sunflowers hold cultural significance in various societies. Native American tribes, for example, used sunflowers for food, dye, and medicinal purposes. In some cultures, sunflowers symbolize warmth, happiness, and loyalty.

  5. Oil Production: Sunflower seeds are a significant source of sunflower oil, which is used for cooking and various industrial purposes. Sunflower oil is valued for its high smoke point and mild flavor.

  6. Biodiesel Potential: Sunflower oil can also be used as a feedstock for biodiesel production. This renewable energy source has gained attention as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

  7. Tallest Sunflower: The tallest sunflower on record reached a staggering height of 30 feet and 1 inch (9.17 meters)! This towering sunflower was grown in Germany in 2014 and set a new world record.

  8. Colorful Varieties: While the classic sunflower is well-known for its bright yellow petals and dark center, there are also other sunflower varieties with different colors. Some sunflowers have red, orange, or even bi-colored petals.

  9. Soil Purification: Sunflowers are used in phytoremediation, a process that involves using plants to remove pollutants from the soil. They can help clean contaminated soil by absorbing heavy metals and other toxins.

  10. Artistic Inspiration: Sunflowers have been a popular subject in art for centuries. Vincent van Gogh famously painted a series of sunflower still-life paintings, showcasing their vibrant beauty.

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Popsicle Stick Sunflower Craft

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