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Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

The 100th day of school tends to sneak up on us every year. Plan ahead with these 100 days of school shirt ideas to fit any kid’s personality.

All of these ideas are inexpensive, easy to do, and your kids will love creating them.

100 days of school project ideas

100 Days Brighter Tshirt
Glued to My Crafts

100 Days Flew By Tshirt
Uploaded By Pinterest User

Bubblegum Tshirt – 100 Days of School
DIY Inspired

Orange You Glad We Made it 100 Days
My Daily Pins

The next few photos offer great inspiration but I could not find their owners. My guess is they were uploaded on Pinterest. If you own one of these or know the person who does please email me as I would like to give credit. Thanks!

Creepin’ My Way To 100 Days – Minecraft Tshirt Idea

Its been a sweet 100 days of school tshirt

I’ve grooved my way to the 100th day Tshirt

I’ve bugged my teacher for 100 days Tshirt

I survived 100 days of school Tshirt

Eye survived100 days of school Tshirt

I crawled my way thru 100 days tshirt

I crushed 100 days tshirt

100 days flew by with balloons tshirt

What month is the 100th day of school?

The actual date varies, with most schools reaching the 100th day at the end of January or sometime in early or mid-February. 

What is the significance of 100 days of school?

This day signifies the 100th day of class in the school year. The 100th day marks a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones in your students’ academic achievement.

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