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Cotton Ball Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Printable

Countdown to Santa's arrival with this super cute cotton ball Santa beard Christmas countdown printable.

This photo features a white background with a copy of the Cotton ball Santa Beard Christmas Countdown printable on it.

Starting December 1st and all the way through the 25th, have the kids glue a cotton ball to their printable. You can print out multiple for each child or just take turns gluing on the cotton ball each day.

By the time you make it to Christmas Eve, the beard will be snowy white and ready for Santa to come that night.

If you don't want to use up all your cotton balls for this project then you could also cut out small white circles to cover each day.

We also highly recommend printing this on cardstock so that it will hold up well to all the gluing.

Cotton Ball Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Printable

Download here

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