Christmas Science Experiments

by Melissa

These Christmas science experiments are jam-packed with fun and exciting ideas to make this holiday season filled with wonder and exploration.These Christmas science experiments are jam-packed with fun and exciting ideas to make this holiday season filled with wonder and exploration. #Christmas #ScienceExperiments #Science #STEM #STEMactivities

It’s my favorite time of year! And while of course, it’s fun to do all the traditional Christmas things like decorating gingerbread houses and listening to Christmas carols but it’s also great opportunity to try some Christmas science and STEM projects too. Inspire some holiday learning with these awesome Christmas science experiments & STEM activities that are perfect for preschoolers to middle-schoolers.

Snow Storm in a Jar

This fun experiment is a great way to learn about how snow storms are created.


Crystal Candy Canes

This is a fun science activity where kids can actually check out how crystals grow and learn a bit about suspension science {chemistry}. – Little Bins for Little Hands


Hot Chocolate Science

Try out this science experiment to find out which temperature of the water would dissolve the hot chocolate the quickest?

Grow your own Christmas tree

Growing a Christmas tree sponge is a great way to combine science (e.g. botany) with a fine motor activity – Gift of Curiousity

Peppermint Water Science

This peppermint or candy cane science activity is also fun water sensory play as well. We explored quite a few of our senses along the way including sight, taste, smell, and touch! – Little Bins for Little Hands

Minty Slime

 To me, no scent says Christmas more than mint, so we made our slime mint-scented for a festive smell as well as look! – Schooling A Monkey

Grow Grinch’s Heart

Can you picture the scene in your head? The Grinch straining as he holds the sleigh balancing precariously on a mountaintop. He hears the singing and then pop, pop, pop, his heart fills with joy. – Creative Family Fun

Christmas Lava Lamp

Turn that classic lava lamp experiment into a little Christmas fun.


Jingle Bells Activity

Jingle Bells doesn’t just have to be a fun song. Lalymom shows us how we can turn it into a fun activity as well.


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